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The touching story of 2 golden girls

The two girls won the first gold medal of kurash and pencak silat experienced the same happy – sad mood right after the victory with many feelings and emotions in everyday life.

Lost my dad when I just won gold

Wrapping the gold medal on her father’s wrist, To Thi Trang choked and was speechless. Her father lay motionless on the hospital bed and would never wake up again, never seeing the image of his little daughter who had just played tenaciously and brought home the first gold medal for the team. Vietnamese sports in SEA Games 31. The day before yesterday, when Trang stepped onto the kuash mat, she still didn’t know that her father was in a deep coma due to his liver getting worse. Father Trang has been ill for a long time and more than a week ago had to go to the emergency room at the hospital because the hepatitis had passed to the kidney, and had to undergo dialysis.

To Thi Trang

Minh Tan

Trang’s husband, muay athlete Dao Dai Hai, recounted: “During the time he gathered with the team to prepare for the SEA Games, Trang called home all the time for his family, but because he was afraid that Trang would be psychologically affected, he could not practice. Mom and I always have to say that dad is sleeping, he’s fine, it’s okay. When Trang finished playing, the whole family dared to tell Trang that her father could no longer speak. On the morning of May 11, when he was brought home, just a short while later, Trang’s father passed away. Heavy shock page. See you again when you just won the glory but no longer hear your voice. There is no greater pain than that. Is there a deeper sadness than that? Recalling Trang’s tears when she just won the gold medal on May 10, Trang said that she just wanted her father to be healthy and happy and wanted to hang the gold medal around his father’s neck. But now, when Trang said she loved her father, her father was gone…

Postponing childbearing for golden goals

Thu Ha (middle) and her teammates performed very charismatic

Jiang Lao

Along with her 2 teammates, Nguyen Thi Huyen and Vuong Thi Binh, yesterday, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha won the gold medal in the women’s collective rights – the first gold medal of the pencak silat VN team at the 31st SEA Games. Her career goal is now complete, and the biggest goal in life is to give birth, she will “follow” chase” as soon as the SEA Games ends. Witnessing his daughter won gold, Mr. Nguyen Van Thao shared: “Ha built a family in September last year, but because the SEA Games was postponed for 1 year, all private life plans such as giving birth had to be shelved. . Now Ha can take care of her family with peace of mind and give birth to a grandchild for me.”

SEA Games champion through father’s story: ‘After practice time, we go to plant rice’

Five years ago, Ha and two of her teammates won silver at the 29th SEA Games. When Thai rivals were stripped of gold because athlete Nurisan Loseng was doping, Ha and his teammates were promoted to first place. In the 31st SEA Games, in the final, the pressure was great, but Ha and his teammates performed very charismatic, with decisive, flexible and technical movements and won gold with 9,965 points, far ahead of the Brunei team that won silver. with 9,915. Ha confided: “My dream of winning a gold medal at the SEA Games has come true and it is even more special when it succeeds at home. Now is the time when I can allow myself to do my own projects, the little joys in my private life, like family story or give birth. Those are secret desires, but because of the determination of my career, I have temporarily put them aside.”

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