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The world’s largest coral reef is bleached

An opaque white has covered most of the Great Barrier Reef, which was once filled with vibrant colors. Australian scientists say that 91% of the giant coral reef, formed from 2,900 individual corals, covering an area of ​​​​344,400 square kilometers of sea has been bleached.

This is a common phenomenon in the El Nino weather cycle, with the bleaching level reaching 60% in 2020. However, in 2022, the La Nina cycle takes place, and the bleaching level has already increased. spiked up to 90%.

Dr Selina Ward, Biologist, Queenslan University, Australia, said: “This is very worrying because this year is the year of La Nina and we thought everything would be fine.

In the past, bleaching only happened during El Nino years, when temperatures spiked, days were sunny, and a combination of heat and light destroyed corals, causing them to turn white. However, this year belongs to the La Nina cycle, when the sea temperature will normally be much colder, but the bleaching still takes place. This is the first time I’ve seen this happen.”

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Last December, the Great Barrier Reef experienced its most intense heatwave since the 1900s, and in late February, the Southern Hemisphere’s waters suffered another heat stroke.

Mr. David Ritter – Executive Director of Greenpeace Australia and the Pacific said: “Four bleaching events in just six years are the result of an accelerating climate change. has warmed the oceans on a scale never seen before, which is a worrying downward spiral for our waters.”

Currently, Australian scientists are proposing to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to list the Great Barrier Reef as a damaged physical heritage in order to apply special protection measures. specifically for this area.

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