There is a direction to handle CBBank and OceanBank

The Government has just released a report “Additional assessment of the results of the implementation of the Socio-Economic Development Plan in 2021 and the implementation of the Socio-Economic Development Plan in 2022”.

In particular, the Government said that in 2021, it has actively implemented the task of restructuring public investment, state-owned enterprises and the system of credit institutions, especially the construction and issuance of many documents. , policies with clear regulations, promote decentralization and decentralization, create a unified legal corridor in investment implementation, management and supervision of credit institutions, arrangement and renewal of SOEs.

In particular, the Government has organized a review and assessment of the implementation of the Scheme on restructuring the system of credit institutions in association with dealing with bad debts in the 2016-2020 period and developing and completing the Project. project for the period 2021-2025.

Continue to direct credit institutions to develop plans to deal with bad debts in accordance with the epidemic situation; actively improve asset quality, control credit quality to limit the arising of new bad debts; handle bad debts by themselves by urging customers to pay debts; sale and sale of security assets of the debt; selling debt according to the market mechanism; use hedging…

In particular, the Government has actively and actively implemented many solutions to handle the 3 compulsory buying banks and Dong A Commercial Joint Stock Bank, looking for partners, negotiating with domestic investors and domestic investors. Foreigners wishing to participate in bank restructuring; rearrange the operation network, reduce costs, deploy safe business activities… on the principle of drastic, prudent and strict.

At the same time, review and finalize the restructuring plan according to new orientations, including a plan to deal with Construction Bank (CBBank) and Ocean Bank (OceanBank).

It is known that Vietcombank and MB are the two banks that have been selected to participate in the restructuring of two weak banks in the form of compulsory transfer (CGBB).

Regarding the basic content of receiving CGBB, after Vietcombank and MB receive CGBB, the credit institution operates in the form of a one-member limited liability bank in which Vietcombank and MB own 100% of charter capital, is an independent legal entity. and did not consolidate the financial statements into the consolidated financial statements of the two transferring banks.

The two transferred banks will not contribute capital to the credit institution while the credit institution has accumulated losses, and at the same time, will not be responsible for the liquidity and financial obligations of the credit institution during the implementation of the CGBB plan.

Vietcombank and MB will participate in the administration, operation and implementation of support measures in the CGBB Plan approved by competent state agencies.

At the same time, both the transferee and the transferee are entitled to apply support measures in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Credit Institutions, the relevant provisions of the law approved by the competent authorities. approved in the CGBB Alternative.

According to Tran Thuy

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