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Thuy Hien: ‘I’m not afraid of being criticized when I’m singing’

Former athlete Thuy Hien released a cheering MV for Sea Games 31, saying she was not afraid of being compared with a professional singer.

“Queen” of wushu for a while – Thuy Hien – released MV Road to glory day (musician Tran Lap) on May 10. On this occasion, she confided about her current life, her encroachment on singing.

Thuy Hien releases MV 'Road to Glory'

MV “Road to Glory” (musician Tran Lap) by Thuy Hien. Video: Characters provided

– How did you come to music?

– When I was young, I liked singing but then followed martial arts career, little time to listen to music, practice. I remember when I was a teenager, going to karaoke with my friends, I couldn’t sing a full song. At that time, I only wished I knew about five songs to avoid embarrassment. Later, when he married a musician Tu Melon, I sing less and less, because every time I raise my voice, he often criticizes me for being out of tune, with the wrong music. Once, Anh Tu and his friends advised us to do a duet. I also go to record, sing by instinct, don’t remember how I sing anymore. That recording I can no longer keep for comparison.

A few months ago, during an exchange at the company, I was forced to perform. Can’t dance, I choose to sing Never of Trung Quan, praised by colleagues. I said to my sister Thuy Vinh: “Oh, of course I can sing Vinh again”. Now music becomes the joy of my life. Previously, I trained in China and competed abroad, so I often listen to Chinese and international music. Now I spend a lot of time learning Vietnamese music, practicing singing every day.

– How do you anticipate the audience’s reaction when entering the singing field?

– I released the MV with the main purpose of cheering up the athletes competing for the 31st Sea Games. On the day of the recording, I was sick. Musician Duong Truong Giang encouraged me to sing, if not, then record it another day. Filming the MV, my health is not good, I have to take painkillers because of an old injury. We move many places, from Ha Long (Quang Ninh) to Moc Chau (Son La) to have beautiful pictures. I made the MV first for the community, not for the purpose of encroaching on music.

But I also like to sing, ready to sing if paid salary. Friends joke, calling me a martial artist, not a singer. I sing with my emotions, not too fussy, technical. I think the audience when listening to me sing will be more relaxed, not judging from a professional perspective, so they are not afraid of being criticized. I am not afraid of being compared with a trained artist, because holding a microphone to sing is already brave.

Thuy Hien: I'm not afraid of being criticized when I sing

Thuy Hien at the age of 43. Born in 1979 in Hanoi, is the first Vietnamese athlete to win a gold medal at the World Wushu Championships in Malaysia at the age of 14, in 1993. During her career, Thuy Hien has won seven world championship gold medals, two Asian gold medals, eight Sea Games gold medals. Image: Characters provided

– How is your life now?

– I got married for the second time in 2019 but got divorced, returned to a happy single life. We don’t have children together, so the breakup is simple and gentle. When I broke up, I was over 40 years old, mature enough, so I didn’t suffer or break down. Every day, I take care of my two daughters, two dogs, and practice singing. I have a martial arts center for children, participating in many community activities. In general, I don’t give all my attention to love, so I’m still happy even without a man by my side.

– What difficulties do you face when raising two daughters with your ex-husband – musician Tu Dua?

– We divorced when the oldest daughter was two years old, and the youngest daughter was one year old. My children and I have therefore adapted to taking care of each other for a long time. Tu and I are still friends, mainly talking over the phone about our children. Occasionally, Tu picks up the children to stay at home for a while. In return, Ngan Ha’s eldest daughter attended music school, supported and advised by her father. But he also has his own family, so not too often. I am strong and independent since I was a child, so it is not difficult. Many people say that my ex-husband and I hate each other, but that’s not true. The breakup happened so long ago, I don’t care anymore. Even with Lam Trang – Tu Dua’s current wife – I keep a normal relationship. We broke up before Trang appeared, so I don’t have to blame her.

Former athlete Thuy Hien shows off her singing talent

Thuy Hien sang “Repay the debt of love from afar” (musician Tuan Khanh) at the event at the end of March. Video: Ha Thu

– What do you tell your children about love?

– I am a martial arts person, tough in life but soft in raising children. I consider my two daughters, 17 and 18 years old, as friends, confiding everything in life. I always say, “No matter what happens to you, tell me. I will work with you to find a solution.”

My children also support me in love, but finding the right man is not easy. I think in people, everyone has both male and female personalities, but the male part of me is more, so I’m too strong and decisive. For example, when I was living with my first husband, and I found out that he had some points that weren’t right, I suggested a change. He did not improve, so I decided to divorce. When a man gets to know me, he must know who I am. Some people want me to give up what I’m doing, just stay at home as the woman of the family, so I can’t stick around for a long time.

Ha Thu

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