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U.23 Vietnam and the fear of being caught by the opponent

It is not without reason that Mr. Park adjusted the training time of U.23 Vietnam, switching to yesterday morning instead of afternoon as planned. He wants to personally watch the Myanmar vs Philippines match to have an appropriate plan for the important match on May 13.

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Squad depth matters

U.23 Vietnam there were 2 matches in the group stage Soccer male SEA Games 31 and showed two very different looks even though the two matches were only 1 day apart. But it is true that because the time is so close, “it seems that this has really become one of the obstacles that makes our students Mr. Park did not keep the best as in the explosive victory of U.23 Indonesia.

SEA Games 31: What is the plan for U.23 Vietnam to win against Myanmar and then rank first in Group A?

Our players are not used to the pace of 2 days to play 1 match, so they have revealed a rather faint personality when playing. U.23 Philippines hold a draw. There are many factors that lead to our being divided points, including the unreasonable change of personnel by Mr. Park himself – something we have rarely seen since the day he came to Vietnam”, commentator Dang. Phuong Nam shared.

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Worrying about U.23 Vietnam


This is also the comment of the former Coach Steve Darby in his own recent article in a Vietnamese newspaper. Mr. Darby said: “The players that coach Park Hang-seo put on the field as a substitute are still inferior to their previous team-mates. I was surprised when captain Hung Dung was substituted. U.23 Vietnam was stuck in a long stalemate.

Mr. Park tries to change the lineup to find the new idea, but the players he brought in did not change the game. U.23 Vietnam has a big gap between the main players and the rest. sea ​​Games there is a dense density of competition, so it is not easy for the pillars to always play.”

But if not launching the strongest squad, U.23 Vietnam may also be in trouble. Former striker Dang Phuong Nam give a more specific example: “If when we meet U.23 Indonesia, we have Ly Cong Hoang Anh playing great, there are very precise, rhythmic up and down situations, even a factor. very prominent, in the 2nd match, Huynh Cong To got the main kick from the beginning but could not be compared with Hoang Anh in the previous match.

But it is worth mentioning that even when Hoang Anh came on from the bench against the Philippines, he was also his own shadow when he disappeared without leaving any significant mark. This proves that the quality of our squad is problematic. This glitch will have to be adjusted during the days when U.23 Vietnam is on break, preparing for the match against Vietnam. U.23 Myanmar on the evening of May 13″.

The opponent knows too much about us

Mr. Park and his associates attended the match U.23 Myanmar and U.23 Philippines yesterday afternoon. He asked his assistant to record the clip while he took notes. All parameters about the opponent will be dissected and analyzed during the internal meeting of U.23 Vietnam on the morning of May 11. The coaching staff and students also re-analyzed their own tapes in the past 2 matches, specifying what could and could not be done.

Commentator Dang Phuong Nam said: “At the national team level, Mr. Park repeatedly shared that the teams of Asia and Southeast Asia We have studied the Vietnamese team very carefully, so we have to change the way we play. Currently, at the U.23 level, the opponents in the same region have also studied us very carefully, as evidenced by the fact that the Philippines U.23 has caught the cards. U.23 Vietnam. They changed from 4-4-2 to 5-4-1 and successfully destroyed the attacking power of U.23 Vietnam.

In the match against Indonesia, the team also studied us carefully and tried to lock it down Royal virtue. Unfortunately for Indonesia when their plan failed. But the remaining opponents of Group A are bringing U.23 Vietnam into the spotlight. Only fear that they understand us better than we understand them.

U.23 Vietnam will be extremely difficult in the upcoming matches, but U.23 Myanmar will be a huge barrier and challenge. It is worrying if U.23 Vietnam relies too much on 3 players who are too old. Risk of injury would be very high if they had to plow through this match after game. A decrease in stamina will lead to a decrease in speed, and a decrease in accuracy. While the young players are capricious. Van Xuan can have very good moments, but there are many bad handling phases. So is Van Do.

In my opinion, Mr. Park needs to come up with more attack plans, not rely too much on border situations. U.23 Myanmar will not let us operate the 2 wings easily. Of course, U.23 Vietnam will still play proactively, but how to turn the initiative into a chance to score and score a goal is a very difficult problem. Park can solve it, let’s wait and see.”

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