U23 Vietnam team actively prepares for the “key” match against U23 Myanmar

In the match yesterday, U23 Myanmar won 3-2 against U23 Philippines and U23 Indonesia also won all 3 points after overcoming U23 Timor Leste with a score of 4-1. With this result, the situation of Group A up to now still has 4 teams competing for 2 tickets to go on to the semi-finals, including: U23 Myanmar, U23 Philippines, U23 Indonesia and U23 Vietnam.

In terms of rankings, U23 Vietnam is temporarily standing in third place, behind Myanmar U23 and Philippines U23. However, coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students have an advantage when they have only played 2 matches and still have 2 matches to wait, in which the match against U23 Myanmar taking place on the afternoon of May 13 will be meaningful. It is like a hinge that opens the door to the next.

U23 Vietnam team actively prepares for the

Therefore, in addition to professional preparation, the Korean teacher also requires the players to have the highest concentration for the next match. The good thing is that U23 Vietnam still preserves its full force when no players are injured or have health problems.

Tomorrow afternoon, the U23 Vietnam team has a tactical training session and assembling the squad to prepare for the match against U23 Myanmar. In order to keep information confidential, Coach Park Hang-seo asked to practice in secret.

Photo: Tuan Huu

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