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VinFast Theon S – high-class smart electric motorbike for Vietnamese people

More powerful operation

One of the attractive features of traditional motorcycles is the ability to operate strongly and flexibly, especially being able to reach high speeds quickly. This is inherently a weakness of many older generation electric motorcycles when compared to gasoline cars. However, VinFast Theon S with a series of operational upgrades has solved this problem.

VinFast Theon S - a high-class smart electric motorbike for Vietnamese people - Photo 1.

Theon S can reach a maximum speed of nearly 100 km / h, accelerate from 0 to 50 km / h in just 4.9 seconds, equivalent to the acceleration of a large displacement vehicle. The car can travel a maximum distance of up to 150 km per charge, provided that a 65kg person travels at a speed of 30km / h.

This new generation electric motorcycle is equipped with an engine manufactured by VinFast with a maximum capacity of 7,100W, driven by a chain, with higher durability than the transmission belt. Tran Duc – who participated in VinFast’s new generation electric motorbike experience event in Hanoi recently said that he drove Theon S over the parking tunnel slope and found that the car glided to the ground smoothly, no lag or delay at all.

In addition, thanks to the engine located in the middle of the car, the center of gravity of Theon S becomes balanced, providing stable operation at all speed ranges.

More outstanding utilities

VinFast Theon S - smart electric motorbike for Vietnamese people - Photo 2.

A notable improvement in Theon S is that the storage compartment under the saddle has a larger capacity than the old generation, reaching about 24 liters. Thanks to the repositioning and optimized design of the LFP battery, the trunk under the seat can hold more items.

The LFP battery pack is also one of the most special features of Theon S. Not only is it more compact in design, but the LFP battery has an advanced structure, increasing safety when in use. Specifically, the structure of the battery pack consists of many separate battery cells, so when one cell has a problem, it will not affect the other cell. In addition, this type of battery does not cause fire, only blows smoke when there is a problem, along with a fireproof battery case that makes the risk of fire and explosion almost impossible. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, the car can fully charge the battery in about 6 hours with household electricity.

In addition, Theon S is equipped with a smartkey, which supports many useful features. Users can locate the car in the parking lot with the key or through the VinFast E-scooter application connected on the phone. In addition, with 4G connection, users can lock the neck, unlock and start the car remotely from about 2.5-3m, while with Bluetooth connection, the car can be opened within a close range of about 1- 1.5m.

Users can diagnose errors through the application, travel distance statistics, journey history statistics. In addition, users can set up safe zones, places where they often move to avoid theft.

VinFast Theon S - smart electric motorbike for Vietnamese people - Photo 3.

Design More fashionable colors

Besides maintaining the design of a high-end electric motorcycle like the previous generation, the new generation Theon S has a completely new pearl white version. The seat height is slightly lower than the previous generation, making it easier to ride.

“The finishing part feels better than the previous generation, the shell is thick and solid”, Hoi An – a longtime car expert gave a preliminary assessment of Theon S when attending the launch ceremony.

The design of the car maintains a modern, personal look. The front of the car features a V-shaped LED positioning light strip, a pair of LED Projector lights and a small windshield. The rear of the car is equipped with a large fender, similar to many sports cars, to help the driver not get dirty when moving in rainy and wet conditions.

With such obvious improvements, VinFast Theon S expects to meet the rigorous standards of high-end customers.

VinFast Theon S - smart electric motorbike for Vietnamese people - Photo 4.

Unique sales policy first appeared

In order to thank consumers for trusting in choosing electric motorbikes for a “green” life, VinFast offers an extremely attractive incentive program, including free 12 months of fixed battery subscription worth up to 4.8 million dong for orders from April 26 to May 31, 2022 at VinFast’s distribution system, VinFast website and e-commerce platforms Tiki, Lazada and Shopee.

Besides, customers who only need to make a successful online deposit with the level of 2 million VND/car will have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw program “Technology breakthrough – Get lucky gifts” to receive many attractive gifts. such as: VIP Pearl card to stay at Vinpearl for 6 nights, and unlimited fun activities at VinWonders; CGV movie gift card and shopping voucher from Shopee with a total prize value of up to 820 million VND. Information about lucky draw time and participation rules here.

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