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What made The Beverly Solari sell out 3,000 units after only 8 hours of opening?

Apartment with many advantages

The 3,000 apartments The Beverly Solari opened for sale in the first phase of “out of stock” quickly showed that the market demand is still very large and investors clearly understand the potential of this project. At the same time, this number also reflects Vinhomes-branded products that always have distinct appeal in the market.

Investors say that, with The Beverly Solari, “the heat doubles” when Vinhomes cooperates with Japan’s leading real estate brand Mitsubishi to develop together, in order to create a new living symbol in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc.

What made The Beverly Solari sell out 3,000 units after only 8 hours of opening?  - Photo 1.

A corner of the balcony from the apartment project The Beverly Solari

The handshake is a “guarantee” for the quality of luxury, high-class apartments in the middle of the air – “Luxury sky living”, which is a combination of Vinhomes’ high standards, with meticulous attention to detail in every detail. details like the Japanese character.

In addition, all apartments at The Beverly Solari also enjoy the privilege of being equipped with a Smarthome package with smart features that help homeowners. At the same time, all household appliances such as TVs, fans, electric lights, etc. will be automatically controlled through settings and sensors.

At The Beverly Solari, each apartment is also enhanced with high security capabilities, accessible only with the owner’s information, helping to detect abnormalities and prevent them as soon as possible for the owner. . Along with that, safety issues and fire prevention are also guaranteed for residents living at The Beverly Solari.

Multi-storey utility chain, recreating the pinnacle American quality

Not only “quality” in each apartment, the landscape and internal utilities of The Beverly Solari also create a special attraction for the project. The Beverly Solari includes 3 subdivisions The Oasis, The Tropical and The Sunset, fully recreating the exquisite resort atmosphere, rich in values ​​enjoyed from the most prosperous lands on the West Coast of the United States.

As a separate “oasis”, The Oasis subdivision brings peace and tranquility for owners who prefer privacy. Meanwhile, the attractive utility chain at The Tropical will bring residents to tropical forests filled with green grass. As for the Sunset subdivision, the inspiration is taken from the coastal city of Malibu (California, USA) which will help residents feel like “immersing” in emotional vacations.

What made The Beverly Solari sell out 3,000 units after only 8 hours of opening?  - Photo 2.

A corner of the tropical swimming pool seen from above at The Tropical subdivision

Meticulously and delicately designed, the chain of internal utilities in 3 subdivisions brings unique multi-storey experiences. In particular, each subdivision has its own swimming pool to recreate the resort atmosphere from the West Coast of the United States. The oasis swimming pool (The Oasis), the tropical pool (The Tropical), the Malibu sunset pool (The Sunset) bring the breath of the sea right to the doorstep with a variety of plants surrounding it, evoking the feelings of the residents. rare touch.

In addition, the subdivisions are designed with a series of highlight utilities such as: Honolulu Tropical Palm Garden, Landscaped Springs, California Garden, San Mario Garden, Sunken lounge chairs, etc. with life, dispel the stress, fatigue after every working day.

Physical training areas or a paradise of fun, exploring the world with young residents as well as an outdoor gym or yoga field, children’s playground, etc., are also facilities not to be missed.

With more than 70 internal utilities designed in the American upper-class style, along with a series of common utilities such as the bustling Rodeo Shopping Avenue running through 3 subdivisions, the unique Golden Eagle Square, Beverly Hills, Lake Golden Eagle, palm garden, art fountain, cascading waterfall, …, The Beverly Solari will open up the inspiration to live the American high-class lifestyle every day for future residents.

Currently, customers buying The Beverly Solari apartment enjoy attractive financial policies, specifically:

• Support interest rate of 100% of the apartment value up to 28 months and grace period up to 48 months.

• Interest rate support of 80% of the apartment value up to 33 months and grace period of the principal loan up to 48 months.

• Receive VinFast voucher up to VND 200 million and standard smarthome package.

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