Which province in Vietnam holds the kind of resource that VinFast and the world desperately need?

Lithium is a metal with light weight, softness, low melting point and high boiling point, so it is used in the production of compact, rechargeable power supplies for laptops and phones. Currently, lithium batteries are focused on developing applications for electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric cars, … or engineering in the military and aviation industries.

Car manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world such as Tesla, Toyota, … and even VinFast are using lithium metal to produce batteries for the production of electric vehicles. In the world, only a few countries have lithium ore resources, leading are Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, China, and Australia.

According to the United States Bureau of Survey, lithium metal is concentrated mainly in South America. With the impact of climate change, countries are increasingly investing in green and renewable technologies, such as switching from gasoline cars to electric cars. Therefore, lithium will become the metal that the whole world needs in the near future.

At the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Vingroup, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong shared about the metal that produces electric vehicle batteries: “Lithium is the raw material for the production of batteries, both nickel, cobalt and things like graphite is in short supply. Vingroup has made a list of 6 groups of components and materials for battery cells and has begun research to have long-term strategic reserves.”

“We will have to find contacts, cooperate with us to solve from the source of raw materials, cooperate with mining companies, order in large quantities, with a long-term plan. This is the relationship. Vingroup’s great interest at the moment,” billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong added.

Thereby, it can be seen that lithium is a very important metal with great potential in the near future. According to the International Energy Agency, it is estimated that global demand for lithium will be 42 times higher by 2040 than in 2020.

In Vietnam, according to the results of investigation and assessment of the Geological Union of Central Central Vietnam in the period 2005 – 2009 discovered lithium ore resources in La Vi area, Quang Ngai. Specifically, lithium ore in Quang Ngai includes 40 ore bodies, mineralized bodies, mainly pegmatoite veins containing lithium and tin metals.

The Central Central Region Geological Federation determined that the Lithium ore mine in La Vi, Quang Ngai province has reserves of about 1.0 million tons of ore or about 10,000 tons of Li2O. This is an important discovery for Vietnam’s lithium battery industry.

Accordingly, this reserve belongs to the type of mine with an average lithium ore reserve compared to the world. This is an important mineral potential for Vietnam to join the group of countries with the potential to develop the lithium ore mining and processing industry.

According to the Vietnam Department of Geology and Minerals, based on the existing lithium reserves, Vietnam can be included in the list of countries with lithium ore in the world, eligible for exploitation.

However, this is a type of mineral that Vietnam has not done much exploration, the level of research and reference is still limited, so it is very necessary to invest in geological research and mining technology. transform to serve domestic and world needs, to bring economic efficiency to the country.

According to Minh Tien

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