4 signs that a man makes great karma, luck is also about to appear

In life, everyone wants luck to come to them.

But in this world, where do you get so much luck for no reason?

Fate is due to oneself, the so-called luck, is just the result of one’s own efforts and strength.

Before a person starts having great luck, the following 4 signs usually appear.


Maintain emotional stability

Not long ago, in Zhejiang province, China, a student, after arguing with his teacher, couldn’t keep his composure and jumped into the river.

Fortunately, the school discovered it in time and quickly rescued the boy ashore.

In the comments section of this news someone said:

“Fortunately the boy was safe, otherwise the price to pay for this loss of composure would be too great.”

In a book called “Aware of Dangerous Personality,” having emotional instability is considered a dangerous personality, such people lack the ability to control their emotions, even a little stimulation will do the job. make emotions their master.

Unstable emotions are like a great enemy on the road of life.

When we can’t control our emotions, we often do irrational things, the price to pay can be very painful.

And people who are emotionally stable are the ones who are always awake and able to overcome any difficulties in life.

Three years ago, during the AI ​​developers conference held by Baidu, CEO Li Ngan Hoanh was giving a speech when he was suddenly hit by an audience member who jumped on the podium and poured water on his head.

But he did not let the conference lose control, he just asked the other party a question in English, then calmly wiped the water from his face.

His actions caused thunderous applause from the audience, and the speech resumed.

Imagine, if Ly Ngan Hoanh was angry at that time, the story might have ended in a different way.

One economist said:

Emotional stability is a very important quality.

Desperation can get sympathy in return, but all the effort, discipline, and self-discipline you put into controlling your emotions will be remembered by others.

When the time comes, the opportunity will favor those with self-discipline.

Because behind emotional stability is knowing how to control and deal with things calmly.

Only when we are not overwhelmed by emotions can we clear the fog of life and face the troubles on the road of life with the most alert and calm mind.

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Have a habit of self-reflection

I once read such a story, there was a soap seller who worked very hard every day, but his performance was so poor that he couldn’t have enough to eat.

Although it is the same product, but the sales of his colleagues are very good, he believes that the problem is definitely his own.

So he began to reflect on himself every day: was it poor presentation, failed to convince the client, or was not enthusiastic enough to make the client feel sincere?

To find out the cause, after each sale, he sincerely consults with customers, it’s okay not to buy, just say what he did not well so that he can correct and change it in the future.

Many customers are touched by his sincerity and give him advice in turn, and also have more and more trust in him.

After this, sales increased steadily, he became prominent among his colleagues and was promoted to the head of the company.

His name is Edward H. Little, and he is the former chairman of the famous company Colgate.

The famous poet Heinrich Heine once said:

“Self-reflection is a mirror, it can clearly reflect our mistakes, so that we have a chance to correct them.”

As human, no one is perfect, there will be mistakes and shortcomings.

Making mistakes is not scary, what’s scary is that you never reflect on yourself and only focus on others.

The path of self-reflection is like a ladder to success, each self-reflection is a time of self-improvement and self-reflection.

Only when you see your own shortcomings can you promptly adjust your speed and transform into a better version of yourself.

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A philosopher in the West said: “Humble and great are close neighbours”.

In life, the incompetent people like to show off their nobility, while the really smart people always hide in humility.

In a Chinese reality TV show called “Voice”, there was a scene that really impressed me.

Among the participants in the program, there was a professor with the last name Tien, the MC introduced that her family “A family of three academicians, the whole family are professors”, her father is a master of Quoc Hoc. China, her brother is one of the founders of modern Chinese mechanics, both of whom have received the title of Academician.

Professor Qian herself was also one of the first academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the first female academicians of Tsinghua University (top 5 leading universities in this country).

But before she finished speaking, Professor Tien asked for permission to interrupt the MC, saying that he hoped people would not call her Academic, calling her Teacher would be enough.

A lifetime of glory, but not arrogant, but always putting himself in a very ordinary position, Professor Tien’s words received enthusiastic applause from the audience.

As usual, she is always like that, when the director of the documentary film “University” invited her to participate in filming, she said:

“I don’t think I’m good enough to be on this big show, there are a lot of people better than me.”

She did not agree to participate until the director team invited her three times and three other teachers from Tsinghua University were also decided.

The book “Caigentan” says: “The lowland becomes the sea, the humble king”.

When the rice is ripe, it often hangs down, humility is the way of behavior of intelligent people.

Only when we stay humble can we avoid the evil, only when we stay humble can we get a firm foothold and luck will always accompany us.

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Always be grateful

Cao Dewang (a Chinese businessman, he is the chairman of Fuyao Group, one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world) in his autobiography once told that:

One day in 1980, he suddenly received a letter, the content of the letter was:

“Old Cao, long time no see, how are you doing recently? I heard that you have established a business, I really congratulate you. Not too long ago, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, maybe a few months ago. If we have time, let’s meet one day.”

Putting down the letter, Cao Dewang immediately contacted the station, but that day the tickets were sold out, he could only ride a tricycle and then take a boat to the writer’s house.

The person who wrote the letter was Wang YiHuang, who gave Cao Dewang a job and took care of him in the past.

Wang Yihuang hopes that after he is gone, Cao Dewang will take care of his son.

Because of illness, Wang Yihuang’s estate was exhausted, Cao Dewang knew that he had taken care of all the marriage affairs of Wang Yihuang’s son alone, and at the same time contacted his old friends, telling them to come. visit old Wang once.

Wang Yihuang finally fulfilled his wish, seeing his son get married before leaving.

“A drop of gratitude, a box of return”, success is a cycle, because there is always gratitude, so throughout his career, Cao Dewang always has noble people to help him, so he has great karma.

Miyazaki Hayao once said:

“We meet and get to know each other in the sea of ​​people, no one always has smooth sailing. Only when we carry a grateful heart, can we live a happy life.”

Always keep a grateful heart that you are doing yourself a favor.

Only when we remember the kindness of others, and never forget to repay those who are grateful to us, can we return our sincerity and make a valuable companion on the road of life.

I often hear people ascribe to life’s difficulties and misfortunes as bad luck.

But real luck is never God’s reward but the accumulation of self day after day.

As one writer said:

“There is no bad luck for no reason, every luck that comes, is the interest that we have saved.”

Everyone is the designer and builder of their own destiny, the more effort you put in, the more happiness you will reap. 20220511171328379.chn

Nhu Nguyen

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