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5 lovely summer hairstyles from Rosé (BLACKPINK)

Summer comes is also the time when the weather becomes hot and humid. Therefore, loose hairstyles are somewhat inappropriate to wear at this time. If you are looking for great hairdo suggestions for summer F5 style, you can refer to Rosé (BLACKPINK). Possessing long smooth straight hair, Rosé also works hard to change many lovely hairstyles. Just look at this girl and immediately come up with 5 beautiful and cool hairstyles to apply immediately. These hairstyles are also very suitable to wear with the flowy, flying dresses of the summer.

1. Braided hair

It can be said that this is Rosé’s sincere hairstyle, helping her to build a sweet and dreamy image like a true princess. If like Rosé, owns long, thick and smooth hair, then what are you waiting for without choosing braided hair to look more feminine and gentle. Rosé’s braid is not too fussy, she can change from side braid, one side braid to two side braids to refresh the image. Anyone can imitate Rosé to braid her hair to have a pretty and stylish image for this Summer. There is a small note when braiding your hair that you should loosely braid your hands and leave a few bangs loose to create the most natural feeling.

2. Half tied hair

Half-tied hair is also a pretty, gentle hairstyle that you can learn right from Rosé.

Instead of letting it go a hundred times like one, Rosé deliberately parted the part, tying half of her hair with elastic bands or fabric hair elastics, ribbons to help make the image more feminine, sweet but still cool and dynamic. . It’s not difficult to do, but half-tied hair still has the ability to improve visuals, making every girl look prettier. Ladies, quickly pin this hairstyle to have a beautiful virtual photo like Rosé.

3. Messy bun

The bun is a very familiar hairstyle in the summer, but with Rosé, she has a very unique variation. Instead of the traditional neat bun, the BLACKPINK beauty chose a messy bun, deliberately revealing imperfect curls or loose hair. The hairstyle seems to be sloppy, but it gives her a natural, interesting and charismatic image that’s also promoted a few parts. If you are bored with traditional hair ties and buns, try applying this new hairstyle like Rosé right away. This hairstyle is especially suitable when wearing a caked skirt, creating an interesting highlight that makes the outfit more dynamic.

4. Crab claw hair

Summer is coming, you must definitely buy a crab claw clip to easily tie your hair, girls. Learning from Rosé, long-haired girls just need to fold their hair and use a fixed clip outside to have neat and pretty hair right away. This hairstyle looks great on the live photo, and it also helps to keep the hair neat and cool. Therefore, you should buy a few crab claws to freely use in the hot season.

Summer is afraid to let her hair fall, learn Rosé (BLACKPINK) 5 hairstyles that are both beautiful and cool to promote beauty - Photo 4.

5. Hair tied up

Although the ponytail is basic, it gives Rosé a more luxurious and charismatic image than when she wears her hair down. In addition to the simple and cool advantage, the high tied hair also helps the face look slimmer, the hair on both sides is tied up to create a sense of more delicate lines. When you have your hair tied up like Rosé, you can combine it with hair ties with bows to add a lovely, pretty look. chn

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