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5 mistakes that can affect the patient’s life

According to current studies, cancer has been and is a global burden. According to statistics, by 2020, the whole world has about 19.2 million people with new cancer, the number of people dying from cancer is up to nearly 10 million people. These figures in Vietnam are 182,000 and 123,000 respectively. Cancer ranks second among the leading causes of death in Vietnam.

Cancer is a prominent issue, receiving the attention of many people. While mainstream medical units are trying to convey scientific information, social networks are full of false rumors about cancer, causing many patients to panic.

Dr. BS Pham Tuan Anh, Deputy Head of On-Demand Treatment Department, K Hospital (Hanoi), said that cancer treatment is easily influenced by rumors because the pathogenesis and treatment of cancer are complex, requiring multimodalities and combining many specialties. This disease still has many mysteries, the mechanisms have not been elucidated, and many conditions have not been studied and the treatment methods have not been studied, leading to frequent false rumors about this disease, leading to severe disease. Cancer patients are easily taken advantage of.

Cancer cells are stronger than normal cells: 5 mistakes that can affect the patient's life - Photo 1.

Cancer is “fertile ground” for rumors. Illustration.

Misconceptions about cancer

Doctor Tuan Anh lists a number of rumors that many people have today:

1. Cancer is an incurable disease that cannot be treated

This is the notion that having cancer means carrying a death sentence. Many people are subjectively feeling that after the treatment period will be death, but little is known about the patients who have been successfully treated and are living healthy lives. Moreover, every patient is a different case. With today’s medical advances, cancer can be completely cured or can significantly prolong survival depending on the type of cancer, stage of disease and biological characteristics. Some types of cancer have a cure rate of more than 5 years, exceeding 90% if detected at an early stage such as thyroid cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer…

2. Cancer is caused by… karma

The spiritual element is completely wrong. In fact, cancer forms when cells are exposed to carcinogens, causing irreversible damage to the cell’s DNA. Abnormal cells multiply uncontrollably, invade and destroy surrounding tissues and metastasize to many different organs.

3. PET/CT for early detection of cancer

Currently, many people use PET/CT for early cancer diagnosis, but this does not meet the criteria of early detection screening tests. The main role of PET/CT is to evaluate the stage of the cancer or the extent of the disease, especially the assessment of metastases in patients with a histopathological diagnosis of cancer.

PET/CT is also used in assessing treatment response, monitoring recurrence, and progression after ending treatment. In subjects without histopathological diagnosis of cancer, the value of PET/CT was very low. The diagnostic value of PET/CT is also not 100%.

4. Surgery will make the disease develop and die sooner

In fact, there are many reasons for this mistake. There are some cases, including in late stage patients, where surgery is indicated, but only for temporary resolution of the tumor condition, such as gastrointestinal obstruction. These surgeries have little value in changing the prognosis, changing the patient’s survival time. Therefore, from these facts, many people misunderstand that “cutting the cutlery” will cause premature death.

In addition, some cases require surgery to evaluate the tumor status. The preoperative diagnosis is only indirect, because sometimes the diagnosis can be operated, but when the operation is performed, it is too late. Even in surgical patients, the tumor was removed, but due to the malignant nature of the tumor, it still deteriorated.

5. False rumors about eating when you have cancer

Dr. BS Dao Thi Yen Phi, former Head of the Department of Nutrition, lecturer at Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University, said nutrition is one of the areas most prone to rumors about cancer. Because patients often tend to absorb simple information, and complex information they will avoid or do not want to receive it.

Many people think: “If you accidentally eat foods or supplements that are not suitable for cancer patients, there is no danger.” In fact, if the patient eats foods that are not recommended for cancer patients, it will lead to many risks.

For example, a purely plant-based, intermittent diet to starve cancer cells can lead to physical exhaustion. The reason is because normal cells will die first because cancer cells are many times stronger than normal cells.

Cancer cells are stronger than normal cells: 5 mistakes that can affect the patient's life - Photo 2.

Nutrition is also ‘fertile ground’ for rumors about cancer.

According to Dr. BS Pham Nguyen Quy, Department of Internal Oncology, Kyoto Miniren Central Hospital (Japan)the consequences of false rumors about cancer affect the prognosis and quality of life of patients.

There are people who are diagnosed with cancer at an early stage, cancers that respond very well to chemotherapy and treatment. But they believe that many people use drugs and functional foods but ignore the treatment process with modern methods.

“Many stage 4 cancers are still curable, such as Lymphoma/Lymphoma, testicular cancer. Recently, targeted drugs and mainstream immunotherapy can help stage 4 patients live longer. , many cancer cases actually heal or become a chronic disease”, emphasized Dr. Quy.

Doctors recommend that patients should consult their doctor before believing online rumors without a verified opinion.

Some factors, cancer-causing agents can be changed and prevented:

Such as smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, unsafe sex practices, not being vaccinated against hepatitis B and overexposure to the sun, etc.

There are non-modifiable risk factors such as age, genetic factors, and endogenous disorders. In most cases, the doctor cannot make a diagnosis of the cause because it is not possible to recall all the agents and risk factors that the patient is exposed to throughout his life.

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