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“Abandoning high heels” back to the forest to wear boots as a farmer, the girl responded strongly to the question of uncharacteristically

My skin is getting darker and darker, I often wear minimalistic clothes, I am always proud to be a farmer

Leaving town to go to the forest to be a farmer is a choice of many young people. However, “leaving the street to the forest” is not a poetic scene of day-to-day “raising fish, growing more vegetables”, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Those who have experienced the reality share that young people who want to “leave the city to go to the forest” need to be mentally prepared, ready to endure hardship, all year round “selling their face to the land, selling their back to the sky”. and the economy must be really stable, have available land for cultivation or capital in hand.

For men, it is already difficult, women with weak legs and soft hands take off high heels and bring boots to the forest to make farmers more difficult.

With Kim Phung Thuy (30 years old, Gia Lai), she spent 6 years studying and working in Da Nang, nearly 3 years in Da Lat before deciding to return to Gia Lai at the end of 2019 to work as a farmer. Karma.

Leaving high heels to the forest, wearing boots as a farmer, the girl responded strongly to the question of poor grace - Photo 1.

9x Gia Lai chose to return to his hometown to work in agriculture after nearly 10 years of traveling in the city.

Her youth was a series of working days forgetting time, but after nearly 10 years, Thuy decided to leave her job with a good salary and return to her hometown to live near her family.

At first, she had no intention of embarking on farming – a job that Feng Shui had never tried.

“However, after a period of self-research and research to answer some of my own questions, I see the potential and prospects of agricultural production here.

With my love for nature, I decided to stay in Gia Lai to start a business with gardens and trees.

I started by learning how to be a farmer, a gardener. In fact, Thuy doesn’t feel like a genuine farmer at all, I still call myself a semi-seasonal farmer, because I think to become a professional gardener, I still have to learn and upgrade my skills. a lot, both in terms of knowledge and skills.”

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Feng Shui believes that she needs to learn and upgrade both her knowledge and skills to become a farmer.

Currently, Kim Phung Thuy is living and working at a farm specializing in coffee cultivation and production in Pleiku (Gia Lai) founded by herself.

When she first transformed from an office girl into a farmer, the most common question Thuy received from everyone around was: “What are you doing these days that you’re so black, so thin, so faded?”

However, the Gia Lai girl said that she did not feel uncomfortable, or anxious, or self-conscious about those “brutal” comments. Thuy points out three reasons why she is always happy and proud when she decides to return to her hometown to be a farmer:

“I’m not upset, low self-esteem, or even shy about the work I’m doing, feeling lost or something like that… when people say this or that.

Because first, about the root cause, when saying these words, the other party doesn’t really care and wants good things for you. They are just immediately releasing their “not like their eyes” mentality, the problem is that they tend to complain about things that are not pleasing to their eyes, not to their liking, not your problem.

About the person who said this – relatively uncharacteristically, not the type of person who has a deep, subtle connotation and knows how to properly care for others, so there is no need to lose.

Finally, in my opinion, beauty in people has 3 trends, beautiful from the inside out, beautiful from the outside or beautiful on the outside and just stops at the outside.

Beautiful appearance is also beautiful, beautiful soul is also beautiful, beauty is manifold. People with a mediocre appearance but a beautiful nature and soul gradually create a kind of likable aura that others look at, stay close to for a long time, will feel.

And work should not be an excuse for us to generate negative psychology, inferiority in appearance due to its characteristics, moreover, everything is always timely. Each stage, life has its own characteristics and always has its own value.”

Leaving high heels to return to the forest, wearing boots as a farmer, the girl responded strongly to the question of poor grace - Photo 3.
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Feng Shui is still a girl who loves beauty and does not underestimate external beauty. She lives on a farm, daily gardening, planting, harvesting, processing coffee… and still does not forget to make herself beautiful every day.

Steadfast in the goal of clean and sustainable agriculture despite many barriers

After nearly 3 years of returning to her hometown to work in agriculture, the 30-year-old girl realized that farming is not poetic and comfortable, crops depend on many factors to produce finished products, not just putting them on the ground.

The young girl still faces many difficulties when she is determined to do green, clean and sustainable agriculture, despite all obstacles.

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Before starting, 9x Gia Lai faced many concerns about orientation, agricultural form, product type, output problem… in the role of a farmer – producer.

“My family has been cultivating Robusta coffee since the 2000s, according to the traditional method, which gradually became less effective over time. When I inherited this job, I encountered many barriers, the most complicated being the opposition of my parents, then the prejudices and personal views of those around me.

I have used the time and results of practical action to gain a certain consensus and support. During the process of embarking on farming and producing high-quality coffee, pursuing sustainable agriculture, I have applied a lot of knowledge and experience accumulated during nearly 3 years of working in Da Lat.

At the same time, constantly look for solutions to problems that arise. I think the first and most important factor is my own mindset to build a firm stance in the process of working, thereby maintaining motivation, persistently pursuing what I’m doing.

And it is impossible not to mention the companionship and support of relatives, friends and partners who have supported and helped me a lot in the process of pursuing my desire to do sustainable agriculture. – 9x Gia Lai confided.

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Leaving high heels to return to the forest, wearing boots as a farmer, the girl responded strongly to the question of poor grace - Photo 7.

Feng Shui orients the development of farms and agriculture, combining coffee shops, accommodation services, and tourism experiences

The farm has entered the 3rd year of the path of sustainable agricultural practices, completely free of pesticides, herbicides, stimulants, and toxic chemicals.

The owner of 9x pays special attention to the restoration and protection of the biodiversity of the raw material area, the harmony between people and the living environment, with the goal of bringing users high quality coffee products, for public health.

In addition, Phung Thuy also develops services, cafes, accommodation, and experiences in tourism combined with agriculture.

She believes: Life is a vast world of colors, humans can also be like chameleons – transforming in each context. Allow yourself the opportunity to go from surprise to surprise, the picture of each new person’s life becomes more and more colorful and complete.

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