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Actively promoting Vietnam – US trade and investment relations

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks to US investors and businesses.

At the meeting with American business communitythe Prime Minister suggested businesses be stronger, more active and invest more in promoting trade and investment relations between Vietnam and the US.

Representatives of the US-ASEAN Business Council and businesses assessed Vietnam as a priority strategic market. The American business community has received much attention and facilitation from the Vietnamese Government when it comes to investing and doing business in Vietnam.

Businesses also asked many questions related to areas that are currently Vietnam’s priorities such as digital transformation, green transformation, energy transformation, strategic infrastructure development…

In a sincere and frank atmosphere, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh took time to share his vision and cooperation opportunities in the Vietnam-US relationship, a relationship that, according to the Prime Minister, has its ups and downs. , there are breakthrough times, but that is normal in international relations, as in life.

Since establishing the comprehensive partnership in 2013, the Vietnam-US cooperation has continued to deepen, in which economic, trade and investment cooperation continue to be the pillars with a very important role. importance of businesses.

The United States has become the second largest trading partner of Vietnam, while Vietnam is the ninth largest trading partner of the United States and the largest of the United States in ASEAN. Impressive trade growth of 17-20%/year, proves that the space and potential for economic and trade development between the two countries is still very large.

Actively promoting Vietnam - US trade and investment relations - Photo 1.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh with US investors and businesses. (Photo: VNA)

The Prime Minister briefed on Vietnam’s socio-economic development achievements over the past time, major policies in the program of economic recovery and development. The Prime Minister said that in 2022, Vietnam will continue to implement synchronously many solutions on opening up the economy; step up the building of an independent and self-reliant economy, and at the same time proactively integrate into the world deeply, substantively and effectively.

Regarding a number of issues that businesses are concerned and questioned, the Prime Minister said that Vietnam has established a National Committee on Digital Transformation, chaired by the Prime Minister. With many advantages in human resources, which can inherit experience from previous countries, Vietnam is focusing on building large databases for digital transformation.

Vietnam has also established a National Steering Committee to implement commitments at COP26 and is aggressively implementing solutions. However, energy transition is a difficult issue. There must be a fair and just approach. The Prime Minister suggested developed countries support developing countries in terms of institutions, green technology, green finance, etc. human resources and green governance.

Earlier, receiving Mr. Marc Allen – Strategy Director and Vice President of Boeing Corporation, the Prime Minister said that Vietnam’s aviation sector will develop very strongly in the coming time and Boeing can participate in developing the system. Vietnam’s aviation ecology.

The Prime Minister welcomed Boeing’s desire to expand its facilities in Vietnam to supply raw materials, and suggested that the Group open a warranty, maintenance and other work facility in Vietnam; have a long-term cooperation policy and have specific incentives to help the Vietnamese company overcome this difficulty. The Prime Minister hoped that the corporation would cooperate with the Vietnamese side in the spirit of “said to do”.

Receiving leaders of Asia Group and Blackstone, GenX and AES corporations, the Prime Minister welcomed the energy conversion proposal of corporations and businesses; clarify a number of issues related to energy development orientation and electricity planning of Vietnam.

The Prime Minister suggested investors focus on research and investment in wind power, solar power, tidal power… which are very potential energy sources for development in Vietnam, and at the same time rapidly deploy projects. projects in accordance with the provisions of law with the support and effective coordination of ministries, branches and agencies to resolve procedures quickly.

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