Before Dong Nhi, which Vietnamese beauties are not afraid to ‘war of words’ with their true fans?

Here are the female stars of Vietnamese showbiz who used to make noise when they quarreled with fans.

Dong Nhi

In the past few days, the large fanpage has more than 100,000 followers of the singer Dong Nhi Post from a person named NMH expressing frustration about the unprofessional way of working of the crew. Accordingly, NMH is the creator of a Youtube channel called FC Dong Nhi with her consent; but recently the singer’s company regained access to this channel and did not give an explanation.

Before Dong Nhi, which Vietnamese beauties are not afraid to 'war of words' with their true fans?  - first

Dong Nhi bluntly expressed her attitude to FC when the crew was criticized.

On the evening of May 12, Dong Nhi posted a rather long letter expressing her frustration because she and her crew were constantly attacked by the online community. Dong Nhi believes that the fans have gone overboard and are not respecting her. She wrote: Nhi would like to confirm that FC Dong Nhi Youtube channel belongs to the company from the very beginning, there is no robbery here, and the company has never asked you to help build it, it is all voluntary. but”.

Dong Nhi is also confused with the situation she is facing. “Don’t think I’ve changed, it was you who made me scared when I had to face you, smiling faces talking to me and then posting offensive words about me on social networks. You attack and attack the people you call her team, just to make the point that the team is wrong and you are right, but if you don’t really understand, please don’t deduce, do not “calm down”, she wrote.

Before Dong Nhi, which Vietnamese beauties are not afraid to 'war of words' with their true fans?  - 2

The female singer affirmed that she will not change herself according to the opinions of fans.

Even his wife, Ong Cao Thang, also affirmed that she would not change herself according to the opinions of hundreds and thousands of people because then she would no longer be herself. Under the post, many viewers who are members of FC Dong Nhi announced that they would “turn the car around” because they were so disappointed with the female singer’s share.

Bao Thy

“Bubble princess” is also a beauty who acts directly with her FC. In 2019, Bao Thy became the focus of social media when her conversation with fans was leaked. Specifically, Bao Thy decided to close the FC group that has more than 20,000 members and has been active for a long time to open a new group directly managed by her team.

However, the conversation posted on social networks received mixed opinions because many people thought that the female singer reacted too harshly, using quite heavy words when “banning” fans from forming another group. “Absolutely, you are forbidden to make a private group that mentions your name. We want to be free, but don’t mention your name.” Bao Thy nervously reminded fans. This action of the female singer surprised many viewers, because she was previously known as a quiet and loving fan.

Before Dong Nhi, which Vietnamese beauties are not afraid to 'war of words' with their true fans?  - 3

Bao Thy directly deleted the FC group with more than 20 thousand members.

Before the criticism of the online community, Bao Thy posted a rather long status line stating the reason why she closed the long-time FC group: She often had to receive false, mechanical comments, even words. cursing her defender from the antifan in the group.

“Thy once said that Thy was a very gentle person, very appreciative of her FC. But fans are fans. Do not challenge or want to control your idol! Group 20 thousand and even 200 thousand or 2 million, Thy is also ready to off if the head does not understand the correct meaning of the word responsibility! Don’t slap your chest and say your name or scream that you idolize someone, but the simplest thing is not to hurt that person, but you can’t do it either.” female singer shared.

Hoa Minzy

As one of the singers with the largest number of fans in Vietnamese showbiz, Hoa Minzy is constantly involved in marketing around her statements to fans. In 2018, in a short clip about the recording on Instagram, the female singer surprised many people when she had a fierce battle with fans.

Specifically, under the comments section, many fans left comments after listening to this recording. One member commented: “When we officially debut, if we leave the climax beat like this, it will definitely become a hit. Don’t change the beat or crop anything.” Hoa Minzy surprised everyone when she replied: “The second time I want to tell you, don’t teach me what to do”.

This answer of the singer Leave unsatisfied with the majority of the audience. They thought that Hoa Minzy behaved inappropriately, and expressed disappointment with the idol. Because the fan mentioned above only gave gentle and constructive comments, but Hoa Minzy responded too harshly and heavily.

Before Dong Nhi, which Vietnamese beauties are not afraid to 'war of words' with their true fans?  - 4

Hoa Minzy repeatedly took tough action against his FC.

The female singer also directly deleted more than 2,000 members from her FC group. Many fans were suddenly removed from the group for unknown reasons. Only 67 people were retained by her, all loyal and active members of FC Hoa Minzy. If they want to join the group again, fans have to go through a lot of difficult questions. This surprised many people, not understanding what was going on with the “mud princess”. Some viewers also think that this is an act of turning away from the fans, or proving that the female singer is famous enough to live without fans.

Pham Huong

There was a time when Pham Huong was favored by the public as “Miss National” because of her attraction to the public and her efforts to cultivate knowledge and culture on a daily basis. Although she used to make noise in the “war” of judges at some competitions, Pham Huong is still supported by charity activities.

However, there was a time when fans were surprised with Pham Huong’s behavior. When a fan commented: “How can I be as beautiful as you?You are so beautiful”Pham Huong replied: “Reincarnate in the next life, baby”. This statement of miss criticized by the online community for being less charming, disrespectful, and even arrogant.

Before Dong Nhi, which Vietnamese beauties are not afraid to 'war of words' with their true fans?  - 5

Pham Huong was criticized for her lack of charm when responding to her true fans.

After the war of words with fans, many stars have corrected themselves, even publicly apologized to appease public opinion, but their improper behavior with fans still makes their image less attractive. In fact, Miss Hai Phong has been turned away by many fans.

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