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Believing the words of the new girl, the boy fell into a pit after being intimate for 20 minutes

A boy named Kane told his story on Australian radio, specifically KISSFM, hosted by Jackie O and Beau Ryan. Kane said he flirted with a girl on Instagram a few days ago and they arranged an official date at her house.

This girl posted many pictures taken with another man, which raised suspicions in Kane but when he asked, she said that the two had broken up.

Although he was a little skeptical, he was still eager to meet. “She showed me the way and even instructed me to park the car a short distance away and then walk in. When I asked why, she said ‘because of my neighbors,'” Kane said.

Meeting, Kane and the girl quickly became intimate. But just 20 minutes later, Kane discovered a car parked in front of the door.

“She panicked and started running around, stammering ‘go away, run out the back door’. I was frantically looking for clothes,” Kane said over the radio.

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After grabbing his things and feeling bewildered, Kane realized he didn’t have time to hide, so he rushed under the bed. “I told myself, wait for him to take a shower then I’ll sneak out and run,” he recalls. “But the other man came home from work and climbed straight into bed, so I couldn’t go anywhere,” he said.

The boy was trapped under the bed for 14 consecutive hours and didn’t even dare to sleep for fear that he would snore and let the person on the bed find out. Kane also doesn’t like having to fight. He described the girl’s boyfriend as a big guy with tattooed eyes.

Kane got under his bed around 8pm and couldn’t leave until 9:30am the next morning. When he was finally freed, he asked the girl for an explanation, but she just kicked Kane away and quickly blocked him on all social networks.

Four Types of Women Men Shouldn’t Date

1. Has a flirtatious nature

This type of woman is good at communicating with others, they are ready to take advantage of the relationship to make the job easier, the salary is increased quickly, they are promoted, they like to do ambiguous things with the opposite sex or utter provocative words, or engage in inappropriate behavior.

Although there are many men who like to tease flowers outside, no one likes their woman flirting with other men. So this type of woman makes men the most uncomfortable, is also the type of woman that makes men the most difficult to tolerate. As a smart man you should not choose a woman like this.

2. Mining expert

She takes you shopping, all expensive and luxurious places. Unfortunately, these are not for you, but for her. Of course, you have to be the one to swipe the card, hook the wallet.

The digger is especially interested in luxury brands. They always find a way to go to such places with you.

She can easily get angry in front of you. But never be jealous of other girls (she simply doesn’t love you).

In addition, she is also very good at suggesting and leading you to places you like. So that you have to spend your money in one way or another.

She will make you lose your pocket anytime. You also get nothing from these girls, not even going to bed. They are very good at saying no because they have trained regularly with many other men. So unless you’re good at it, it’s very difficult for you to get anything from her.

Trusting the newly-acquainted girl, the boy amp;#34;collapsedamp;#34;  when just recently amp;#34;intimateamp;#34;  get 20 minutes - 2


3. Unusual happy and sad personality

Being with the girl you love is the dream of many guys, but they also dread being around girls with mixed feelings. Just then, their faces were bright and smiling, but they only needed to say a word that didn’t suit them, or they did something they didn’t like, they immediately changed their face, making the man not know how to say it. , how to make them satisfied, also do not know where I went wrong, what to do to make the girl happy again.

Although the guy will still cherish the girl, but inside they will feel depressed, in the long run they will get tired, and there will be times when they choose to leave to find a suitable girl to do. wife and mother.

4. The channel is too much

Maybe from a young age, because she was pampered too much, she always imagined herself as the son of a king, a superior, going to the wind.

Once appeared in her kingdom. You are not a king, you are just a bodyguard, nothing more and nothing less.

Pretentious girls will find it very difficult to be satisfied with the things around them. They always find ways to criticize and express dissatisfaction. Because she always thinks that what she owns is number one.

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