Black Vau spoke up and explained the controversial lyrics in the new song

Recently, Black Vow collaborated with musician Tran Tien to release a song called Going in the summer. The song carries the spirit of cheering football, arousing pride through each cinematic footage. Going in the summer quickly caused a fever online because at the right time the whole country was turning to home football with the dream of preserving the championship at the 31st SEA Games.

Besides the praise for the male singer’s latest music product, the online community also has mixed opinions about the lyrics of the work. Some rap verses were pointed out as “smearing images of domestic violence”, such as: “If I say that Vietnam is the champion, you should not try to argue / People like you should only be the female lead, you are not suitable to play the villain / And when I say that Vietnam has a long life, I hope you like a librarian

Or: “On the internet you are the moderate side, sometimes at home you are the conservative side/ Normally, you are the landlord, but when the whistle blows, you have to change your name/ The horoscope says he is Dai Lam Moc, But watching football, I am a contagious fire / If you change the channel, I will change from a boy to the armed forces”. These rap verses are considered to promote domestic violence. Netizens believe that the image of a brute and conservative man should not be included in a cheering song. , which is said to promote violence against women and an uncivilized way of promoting football:

Many people think that Den Vau is misdirecting the audience’s view of the sportsmanship that he wants to convey in the MV. with the rap line: “The opponent is like a lover, clinging to me in a entangled way. But the lover wants me to be healthy, and the opponent wants me to be injured.”

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The male rapper caused controversy by the lyrics of the new song.

Responding to these comments, Den Van said: “I have thought and edited the sentence a lot so that the listener can feel it, focusing on the love of football, sharing the joy of winning with each other, not for the purpose of promoting anything else.” .

The male rapper also explained his lyrics: “In such families, the sister-in-law is the ‘host’, the husband listens to his wife everything, only one thing is for him, the Vietnamese team is the champion – no matter what anyone says. more, and that was the only thing he dared to ‘protest’ to his wife. But the husband is just protesting loudly (like the saying: ‘One in a million makes you a brute’) but actually dare not do anything. This meaning is expressed more clearly in the phrase ‘you’re joking’ (showing that he was only joking with his wife)”.

Regarding the word “conservative”, Den Vau emphasizes the meaning that no matter what anyone – including his wife – says, in his heart, the truth “Vietnam is invincible, long for Vietnam” is never. change. “At the time of writing, Black also imagined that the MV would have such a funny family scene, the husband does all the housework and it’s time for the ball to roll that his sister-in-law is allowed to watch TV, but for many reasons. but this part of the script was not included in the MV”, male rapper explained.

Black emphasizes that the message of this paragraph is very simple: Any Vietnamese, even husbands who are afraid of their wives, always look forward to the team with the strong belief that Vietnam is the champion. The famous rapper feels sorry for the lyrics when he breaks each paragraph separately, each sentence makes it possible for people to understand differently the meaning and message he wants to convey and spread.

“Black always appreciates and is grateful for all comments. I would like to acknowledge all of these comments to improve my future works.”he said.

Black Vau spoke up and explained the controversial lyrics in the new song - 2

Black Vau speaks, explains the controversial lyrics in the new song - 3

Black Vau asserts that his song only focuses on the love of football, sharing the joy of winning with each other, not for the purpose of promoting anything else.

Despite the noise but Going in the summer of Den Vau still made a great achievement when winning the Top 1 trending position after only one day of release and 45 hours after release. The song is also leading YouTube Vietnam with more than 4.5 million views up to now. With this achievement, Den Vau is the artist who holds the Vpop record for having the most MVs reaching Top 1 trending YouTube ever.

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