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Buying a house without letting my fiancé name it, I regretted it until I heard about it

May 13, 2022 09:06 GMT+7

I was so surprised, it turned out that my fiancé had planned and calculated from the beginning until now.

After more than 1 year of love, Quang and I decided to hold a wedding to return to the same house. Actually, Quang doesn’t stand out from other men around me both in terms of background and work, but it was his sincerity and love that made me decide to choose him.

My fiancé’s family background is very normal, there are two sisters, my parents only work in the fields, so they are not very well off. The two sisters Quang worked very hard and studied well, so even though their family was poor, their parents tried to give them proper education.

Quang’s income is now slightly higher than mine, but I don’t feel inferior because my family is rich, my parents take care of my children more than anyone else.

We plan to get married, but we don’t have children right away, but we strive to earn money and buy a house first. Knowing this, my parents were afraid that their daughter would struggle to rent a house, so they said they would give me 1.2 billion to buy a small apartment.

That day, I invited Quang to come to the house to have dinner. I wanted to surprise him and be happy because my wife’s parents were worried and supportive, so I didn’t tell him in advance that my parents gave me money to buy a house.

Buying a house without letting my fiancé name it, I regretted it until I heard about it

As I expected, after the meal, my mother mentioned buying a house. However, my mother frankly said that she would not allow Quang to register with the following reasons: “Now, divorce is common. The money to buy the house is all spent by the parents, if both children are in the name, at least according to the law, it will have to be divided in half, so it will be a disadvantage for the family here.

What my mother said surprised me because I thought that Quang and I were now one, I really trusted him so I went to the wedding.

Contrary to my reaction, Quang calmly replied to my mother like this: “It doesn’t really matter to me in that name. I’m not greedy for things that aren’t mine. If husband and wife live happily, then the property will be left to their children“.

Quang’s attitude reassured me that I had met the right person, and would not have a son-in-law conflict with his wife’s family in the future.

The last day we went to take wedding photos, when Quang was in the fitting room and handed the phone to me to help, I saw a strange number calling.

While he was busy, the other line called too many times, so I had to answer the phone. Before I could say anything, the other side said: “Brother, the red book of the land of 3 billion that you bought for investment, we have already done it for you, where you are, I will bring it over.”

That statement stunned me. As it turned out, my fiancé, besides working at the agency, also invested in opening an import business with a close friend for 3 years, so his capital is quite good.

I asked more about the land red book, Quang said that he studied under my mother, so it was only in his name. This makes me feel so guilty, maybe my family made him proud. I should have fought for Quang to share his name in the apartment that his parents bought as a gift.

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