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Cars recklessly run sideways on a “private path” to escape traffic jams-Media

Friday, May 13, 2022 00:38 AM (GMT+7)

In the middle of a long line of vehicles due to congestion, the driver of the car with the two right wheels climbed up the raised curb, taking advantage of the little space to pass the cars in front.

The clip shared on the social network facebook recently attracted many comments, most of which condemned the driver’s lack of awareness of obeying traffic laws. In addition, there are also opinions that, if everyone acts like the driver in the clip, the traffic jam will be worse.

The road traffic law stipulates that overtaking (Article 14), the vehicle applying for overtaking is only allowed to pass when there is no obstacle ahead, there is no vehicle traveling in the opposite direction in the section of the road to overtake, and the vehicle ahead has not signaled to pass. other vehicle and have avoided to the right (Clause 2, Article 14, Law on Road Traffic).

When overtaking, vehicles must pass to the left, except for the following cases where they are allowed to pass on the right: When the vehicle ahead shows a signal to turn left or is turning left; When the tram is running in the middle of the road; When a special-use vehicle is working on the road, it cannot pass on the left.

Vehicles are not allowed to overtake when there is one of the cases where the conditions specified in Clause 2 of this Article are not satisfied, on a narrow bridge with one lane, or at locations with limited visibility.

Regarding handling of violations, the Decree stipulates the sanction of administrative violations in the field of road traffic and railways (Decree 100/2019/ND-CP), amended and supplemented by Decree 123/2021/ ND-CP stipulates, a fine of from 4,000,000 VND to 6,000,000 VND, deprivation of the right to use a driving license from 01 to 03 months for car drivers who commit acts of overtaking in cases where they are not allowed to drive. overtaking or overtaking vehicles at the section of road with signs stating that overtaking is prohibited (for the type of vehicle being driven).

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