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China shows off AI satellite that can track US warships around the world

China shows off AI satellites that can track US warships around the world - Photo 1.

The aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman – Photo: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

On the magazine Spacecraft Engineering, Dr. Yang’s research team says China’s AI satellite technology is so advanced that it can detect a wide range of tactical and strategic targets in military operations. The AI ​​satellite captures more than 200 high-definition images per second.

A Beijing-based satellite imaging scientist said that putting artificial intelligence into space is extremely difficult, because large amounts of data require intensive training.

One researcher who asked not to be named also noted that most AI chips will fail under intense radiation, but Dr Yang’s team managed to achieve a breakthrough “radiation reduction”. break for this technology.

According to the military news site American Military NewsChina once tracked the operation time of a US Navy aircraft carrier that was moving off Long Island, New York (USA).

Using AI, a Chinese remote sensing satellite automatically detected the exact coordinates of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman and relayed that information to Beijing, the newspaper reported. South China Morning Post said.

In the past, China had to collect and dissect satellite data to determine what exercises were taking place in US waters, but now the situation is different.

The US Navy said recently that the US had an exercise with the participation of 7 warships and many aircraft.

This exercise is intended to test different tactics when fighting the enemy in a narrow waterway. Methods include changing formations and emergency maneuvers to push away enemy warships and submarines. All these US activities have been directly monitored by China, which relies on AI satellites.

The above information comes after a new video released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The film is about China’s plan to steal American technology, to achieve “global market domination”.

The film also calls on the US private sector to protect its intellectual property against what the agency describes as “persistent industrial espionage” by China.

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