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Coach Conte mocked Arteta to stop cheating, worried about Son Heung Min “sulking”

Coach Antonio Conte had sarcastic words for his colleague Mikel Arteta after Tottenham had a 3-0 victory over Arsenal in the 22nd round of the Premier League.


Video of holding midfielder’s red card situation:

Coach Antonio Conte was with Tottenham won with a score of 3-0 first Arsenal at the London Derby. This was the match where the “Rooster” benefited with a penalty to open the scoring and then the advantage of playing better from the 33rd minute when Arsenal midfielder Holding received 2 yellow cards in just 7 minutes.

Coach Conte mocked Arteta to stop eating, worrying about Son Heung Min "angry"  - first

Coach Conte was not satisfied with Arteta’s attitude after the game

After the match ended, coach Mikel Arteta confirmed that the referee had forced Arsenal. The Spanish strategist said that he did not want to attack the referee for fear of being banned from directing. “I can’t do that because I still want to be on the touchline to direct my players,” said Arteta.

“But I cannot lie. If I talk about that, I will be banned from directing. I just want to say that a beautiful game was ruined,” added the Arsenal captain. Contrary to the harsh attitude of coach Arteta, his colleague on the other side of the front line, coach Conte, thinks that these are unnecessary complaints.

“Arteta is doing a good job coaching at Arsenal. But I think he’s complaining too much. He should focus more on the profession, on the team, instead of blaming others.” , Conte countered Arteta’s comments.

Meanwhile, striker Son Heung Min was also the focus of the match when bringing the penalty to Kane to open the scoring, and at the same time, he was also the author of the goal to set a 3-0 victory for Tottenham. However, Son’s anger when coach Conte pulled him out of the game quickly became a topic of discussion after the game.

“Obviously I’ve always wanted to play but what can I say? We have a game on Sunday and that’s why I was substituted. I’m not angry, just disappointed. It was a disappointed expression. I want to continue fighting with my teammates,” Son explained to SkySports.

However, this is not the first time the Korean star has expressed his dissatisfaction after being replaced by coach Conte. This raises doubts about the “unfairness” between Son and coach Conte. This is definitely an issue that Tottenham needs to solve soon if they don’t want unnecessary conflicts to arise within this team.

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