Conte mocks Arteta for “many words” after Arsenal’s defeat

A double from Harry Kane, along with a goal from Son Heung-min, helped Tottenham win 3-0 over its London neighbour.

It was a match where coach Antonio Conte’s teachers and students had the advantage of numbers, when Rob Holding was disqualified in a foul situation with a Korean player on the host side.

Arteta criticized the referees after the game and called the management of Paul Tierney and his associates “ruined a beautiful game”. The Spaniard also confirmed he would be suspended if he commented further on the match.

In response to a question about this, Conte laughed at the reaction of his opponent on the other side of the front line and said that Arteta had complained too much:

“I think Mikel Arteta is a really good coach, he’s doing a good job, even though he’s only started coaching for a short time. But I think I listen to him complain too much. a lot of”.

“Arteta needs to focus on his job and limit his complaints. He’s just started work and I think what he needs to do is stay calm and work hard for the job, which is doing very well.” – Conte reminded his colleague on the other side of the front line.

“It’s not good to listen to a coach who constantly criticizes the disadvantages. The red card, or anything else, is always clear to me.”

“Don’t forget in the Liverpool game, I didn’t say anything about what happened to Fabinho (not being sent off after tough situations). If we wanted to complain, we would talk constantly about the weight. talent or the postponement of the match”

“I think this is advice. If you want my advice, that’s good advice,” said Conte. The former Inter Milan boss also pointed to Arteta’s earlier lament about the affected fixture schedule. in January and said that the young strategist of the Gunners should not speak on this issue.

“Remember, he complained about the schedule? At the time, I said it was a positive thing for him. Arsenal when some of their members are positive for Covid-19, and we only have one” – Conte laughed as he replied, “We have many things to complain about.

Today I can complain about why we played one more game last Sunday and then had to play Leicester and Liverpool. And now, the players only have two days to rest before the next match,” concluded the best coach of Serie A 2020-21.

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