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“Don’t worry, U-23 Vietnam will enter the semi-finals!”

Football expert Doan Minh Xuong predicts that U-23 Vietnam (VN) will beat Myanmar at least 1-0 in the match on May 13.


Currently, Myanmar is leading the group with 6 points after two matches, followed by the Philippines (three matches, 4 points), Vietnam (two matches, 4 points), Indonesia (two matches, 3 points), East Timor (three matches). , 0 points).

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Expert Doan Minh Xuong firmly believes U-23 Vietnam will be in the semi-finals. Photo: ANH PHUONG

Mr. Xuong analyzed carefully: “The Philippines unexpectedly held a draw with the host Vietnam, but fell against Myanmar, creating a drama in Group A.

In fact, U-23 VN does not need to race for goals and just need to win Myanmar to enter the semi-finals. The last match against East Timor was eliminated, so you can earn 3 points and still maintain your strength for important positions.

In my opinion, Vietnam has 4 points and two more matches, so at least 8 points and maximum 10 points are sure to enter the semi-finals. The remaining three teams competing for a semi-final spot were forced to exclude each other.

The most visible scenario is that U-23 Myanmar on the afternoon of May 13 will decide to play with the host Vietnam to earn a draw and more importantly, wait for the death to be fought with Indonesia in the final match of the group stage two days later. there. Just looking at the way the Philippines put their best effort against Vietnam and then immediately lost to Myanmar in the next match, it shows that the dense competition in the SEA Games makes the teams very afraid of not having enough time to recover.

I have a feeling that if Myanmar doesn’t risk its life to play to death with the host Vietnam, who has stronger internal forces, it will be too adventurous, if you lose a lot, it will be difficult to get up and play the decisive match with Indonesia after only two days.

The main thing is that Mr. Park’s teachers and students take a break for five days and with the existing people, with the deep experience of the draw with the Philippines, just the players need to be patient and make the right use of an opportunity to eat the Myanmar table. The match against the Philippines did not score partly due to the rain and incorrect crosses. This time, Mr. Park has carefully studied Myanmar and definitely has to teach Van Do again, Van Xuan crosses the ball a bit to create many table opportunities.

Personally, I think U-23 VN falling to second place in Group A is sometimes good. It both helps Coach Park Hang-seo to preserve his force, and can avoid Thailand in the semi-finals. The problem of the home team is how to play convincingly and create trust in the fans.

Compared to the common ground of Southeast Asia, except for Thailand, which is both equal and has excellent individuals, coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students are slightly better than the rest of the teams. The problem is the lover Soccer Vietnam needs to sympathize and share more with Mr. Park in the long-distance battle of the SEA Games, which is not only good at giving tactics in each match but also has an effective strategy.

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