Dr.Marie and the 28-year journey accompanying Vietnamese women’s reproductive health

International standard reproductive health care facility in Vietnam

In many developing countries including Vietnam, reproductive health (RH) and family planning (Family Planning) have not been given due attention. In particular, the rights of women in giving birth by choice and taking care of their body and mind during pregnancy are not guaranteed.

Understanding that, over the past decades, many units have made constant efforts to protect the health and spirit of Vietnamese women, one of which is Dr. Marie – British standard healthcare, fertility and family planning facility in Vietnam. Established in 1994, Dr.Marie is the representative office of MSI Reproductive Choices organization, operating according to international standards under the technical supervision and continuous training of MSI in Vietnam.

MSI Reproductive Choices (MSI) is an international NGO, founded in 1976 in London, UK, providing reproductive health care and family planning services in 37 countries worldwide. world. The global MSI network includes: 620 clinics, 52,000 mobile service providers, 4,100 social franchise clinics and more than 11,700 employees.

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Dr.Marie owns a system of modern equipment of international standards

Over the years, Dr. Marie supports the care and treatment of reproductive health problems with international standard quality treatment, modern equipment system, a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors and experts… Every year, Dr. Marie supports comprehensive health care for more than 50,000 Vietnamese women of all ages through a system of 12 facilities in 9 provinces and cities. It can be said that this is the leading professional health and reproductive care facility in the country.

Always uphold social responsibility

During 28 years of development, Dr. Marie has continuously expanded, perfected and diversified her operational processes to realize her humanitarian goals. It is about giving Vietnamese women the most comprehensive care, contributing to building a healthier and more progressive next generation. With unremitting efforts, Dr. Marie is committed to ensuring the rights of women to give birth by choice, and absolutely will not compromise on minimum safety standards.

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Dr.Marie trains local midwives in the MSLadies . project

Recently, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the health system in Vietnam has become overloaded, making it more difficult for people to access necessary medical services, especially for women when reproductive health care is not a priority during this period.

Not giving in to adversity, Dr. Marie has made efforts to ensure the continuous operation of health care and reproductive facilities through promoting online communication methods, simplifying the medical examination and treatment process, and placing epidemic prevention on top. head. Thanks to these efforts, many Vietnamese women of all ages have had obstetric and gynecological examinations, cervical cancer screening and adequate and timely reproductive health care measures even during pregnancy. epidemic season.

Dr.Marie and the 28-year journey accompanying the reproductive health of Vietnamese women - Photo 3.

Dr. Marie brings services to female workers within the framework of a cooperation project with MSI

Currently, when Vietnam has entered the post-pandemic recovery phase, Dr. Marie is working effectively with partners to expand the system of reproductive health care facilities, in order to provide timely support to all subjects in society. Through difficult experiences during the pandemic, Dr. Marie has also developed risk response plans, making the system more flexible when subjected to negative impacts from the external environment.

The journey of Dr. Marie is a journey that constantly strives to bring trust and support to millions of Vietnamese women. Nothing is easy, Dr. Marie is always ready for any challenge to change society’s thinking, so that reproductive health and family planning become more priority areas in the future.

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