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Famous couple on the pedestrian street then and now

Sometimes there are random moments that make you accidentally meet your long-term partner. Even just a glance is enough to write a love story that makes many people admire.

The same goes for the love story of the couple Trang Nguyen – Trieu Dinh, which is causing a fever in Tik Tok in recent days. With just a clip of spectacular style changes from 2015 to now, the two have received the attention of many people. The more people learn, the more surprised people are because these are the two young people who received a lot of attention in the interview segment on the pedestrian street in Hanoi 4 years ago.

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The couple with a very cool style caused a storm of Tik Tok

The video with the appearance of both is considered the most popular episode in the interview series that day. The cute girl with a pretty face of the West has made many people love and fall in love with her cuteness.

The most favorite couple in the interview series at the pedestrian street 4 years ago (Source: Tik Tok @co_chan)

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Then and now, her friend was missed by many people on the pedestrian street that year

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Trieu Dinh then and now

The girl who received attention 4 years ago was Trang Nguyen, known by the nickname Chan. Trang’s boyfriend is named Trieu Dinh. The year they both appeared in the reportage, Trang was only 22 years old and Trieu Dinh was only 23. A few years have passed, now one is 27, one is 26, but they are still together for a long time.

It is known that the couple Trang Nguyen and Trieu Dinh have dating from the early 20s. Just met by chance at a movie casting, but the couple noticed each other at first sight. Although they are not the other’s taste, the two suddenly attracted each other, prolonging their love journey until now. The more people learn about the couple’s love story, the more people see the threshold of their strong relationship.

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Trang Nguyen and Trieu Dinh spent all their youth together

And of course in a long term relationship, love story without difficulty or controversy. At such times, it is Dinh’s mother who helps in their relationship: “I think every couple will have disagreements. But fortunately, every time like that, Dinh’s mother is always the one to advise and teach the two children. Gradually, both of them have grown up and no longer disagree.”Trang Nguyen shared.

Perhaps being together from the young years to adulthood has made the couple understand more and more, both in life and at work. Being able to see each other all the time makes Trang and Dinh an integral part of each other. “Now, we both work in the same industry, so every time we work, we also get along with each other. If we’re together, we can’t be without one, so we’re always together.”Trang talks about her relationship with her boyfriend.

Together for 7 years, both Trang and Trieu Dinh are much more mature (Source: Tik Tok @co_chan)

Contrary to other couples, who often love romance and challenges, Dinh and Trang prefer a relationship that is not turbulent, can share everything in life. Because of mutual understanding, the two self-regulate their emotions, bringing a familiar relationship like a family member.

The two of you also shared that just being together is enough, without putting too many high expectations on the other:“I don’t expect anything more because over the past 7 years we have come to understand more and more what’s wrong with each other. I think everything should be normal, don’t expect too much and be greedy. Something not too good”.

The famous couple in the interview on the pedestrian street then - now: Different appearance after 4 years, enduring love story - Photo 7.
Famous couple in the interview on the pedestrian street then - now: Different appearance after 4 years, enduring love story - Photo 8.

Sharing about the future, the two will surely be together for many more years

The young couple also have a long-term plan for a “happy ending”, holding hands in the aisle, but will probably continue their free relationship for a few more years. In order to perfectly prepare for that day in the future, the couple is still trying to achieve the set goals together.

“Our long-term plan is still marriage, but it will probably be a long time. Because in front of both of us, we still have many other goals that we are trying to achieve together in the future.” Page added.

Photo: NVCC 4-nam-chuyen-tinh-yeu-ben-bi-20220512163842185.chn 4-nam-chuyen-tinh-yeu-ben-bi-20220512163842185.chn

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