Father confesses, raped 2 biological daughters for nearly 10 years

From 2015, Tai began to play fun with his eldest daughter, until February 2022, Tai continued to rape his young daughter at his own home.

On May 13, according to information from Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Police, the unit has just issued a decision to prosecute the accused and detained Nguyen Tan Tai (40 years old, residing in Long Dien district, Ba province). Ria – Vung Tau) to investigate crimes”Rape people under 16 years old”.

Worth mentioning, the two victims of Tai’s abuse were his biological daughter, two grandchildren of NTHM (SN 2005) and grandchildren of NTKN (SN 2012).

Father confessed, raped his two biological daughters for nearly 10 years-1
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Specifically, from 2015 to the beginning of April 2022, Tai continuously played tricks with his grandson M. in Tai’s bedroom, living room, and M’s private bedroom… The estimated number of sex times was about 30 times.

Then, from February 2022 to May 7, Tai took advantage of the times when N. was alone at home and had sex with him 11 times in the couple’s bedroom, in the bathroom and in the bathroom. living room.

On May 8, M. and N. couldn’t take it anymore and told the incident to their mother, Ms. TTTT (SN 1983). Ms. T. was extremely angry at the evil behavior of her inhuman husband, so she went to the office police denounce.

Receiving information, the functional force quickly investigated, verified and summoned Tai to the office.

The case is currently being investigated and handled by the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Police.

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