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Going to the online market ‘super speed’

Ho Chi Minh CityInstead of going directly to the market, many residents in central districts are getting used to ordering via the app and receiving goods in 10 minutes.

Having used many applications to shop for households, Hoang Quynh Lan, 25 years old, a resident of an apartment building in District 1 said that although these platforms are convenient, the biggest disadvantage is that users can’t control the time. delivery. “The estimated delivery time on the phone app is often inaccurate compared to reality. Sometimes I just sit and wait to receive the goods but I don’t dare to go anywhere. So, using the app once or twice, I give up,” she said. Lan said.

Therefore, when she was introduced to a market application called Rino by an acquaintance, with delivery in only 10 minutes, she also sold credit. After placing a few test orders, she said that the delivery application was as expected, with orders only 5-7 minutes. Neighbors in the apartment sharing the same use.

People in Ho Chi Minh City began to get used to shopping online through Rino.  Photo: Rino

People in Ho Chi Minh City began to get used to shopping online through Rino. Image: Rino

“Due to work, I usually go home after 6pm. Ordering through Rino has fast delivery, fresh and varied food. I can process it right away without having to wait long,” she added.

Similarly, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Lam, 27 years old, Binh Thanh district has also used this application for nearly a month now according to the recommendation in the chat group of the apartment. Ms. Lam said that the goods and food delivered are from reputable brands, so they are very reliable to use for the whole family. “Products when delivered are also carefully placed in paper bags, ensuring hygiene and being environmentally friendly. The application also has many promotional codes, so housewives like me like it.”

Customers receive fresh food placed in paper bags.  Photo: Rino

Customers receive fresh food placed in paper bags. Image: Rino

Rino is a new market shopping application launched in April, currently deployed in the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City such as Districts 1, 3, 10, Binh Thanh, Go Vap, and Phu Nhuan. The difference of this application is to build its own warehouse system, similar to mini supermarkets to directly distribute to consumers without going through the point of sale.

Warehouses are arranged in crowded residential areas to serve Rino’s online customers, not onsite. As a result, this application has a great advantage in proactively sourcing goods. Delivery to people only takes place in about 10 minutes from the time of ordering.

Rino's shipper team is constantly increasing in number.  Photo: Rino

Rino’s shipper team is constantly increasing in number. Image: Rino

Ms. Le Nhu Y, 30 years old, Phu Nhuan district is the one who has been using Rino since the day this application was first launched. Ms. Y said that Rino regularly updates and adds product catalogs to meet customer needs. Sold out items are also updated in real time. “As someone who often cooks for my family, I love being able to buy all the vegetables, roots, meat, fish, spices, household items in one place. This saves me a lot of time. for daily meals”, Ms. Italy shared.

A representative of Rino said that to meet the needs of the people, each district currently has one to two warehouses. with a service radius of each warehouse from one to three kilometers to ensure a delivery time of only 10 minutes. Sources of goods are imported directly from reputable food suppliers, ensuring competitive prices. The unit also plans to open 5 more warehouses by the end of May, present in all districts in the fourth quarter.

Hoai Phuong

Launched in April this year, Rino is an “online supermarket” application that helps users save time and be proactive in housework. Order completion time in 10 minutes, 24/7 operation. Rino is having a promotion of up to 100,000 VND for the first customers to experience the service. Users can download the application on App Store and Google Play.

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