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Google’s compromise move

Le Minh (Resident of Vietnam Television Station in the US)Friday, May 13, 2022 09:13 GMT+7

Google, part of technology group Alphabet, recently announced that it has signed agreements to pay news publishers in several European countries for access to the content produced by these companies. This can be seen as a step forward in efforts by many countries to force Internet giants to share their revenue with content providers.

According to a VTV reporter, Google’s payment of fees to European news production units is in some respects considered a compromise by Google when pressure from new governments is only increasing. increased, but not yet become a common global standard.

However, in the long run, the fact that Google has to pay a fee to access and publish news content of news agencies will become an inevitable and fair general trend, in the way we still call it. “Win-Win” or win together. Because so far, Google or other social networking platforms have benefited from this for free while press agencies have to spend a lot to get news that revenue, especially from advertising advertising, is decreasing as the market share of digital advertising is increasingly pouring into platforms such as Google or Facebook. As a result, we will see a requirement like this gradually extend beyond European countries, becoming a common standard that digital platforms must adhere to.

Impact on online platform users

Surely users of Google or similar platforms will benefit, even if there may be a certain extra fee. Because when Google pays for press agencies, Google users will have access to a huge amount of stable, updated news with high accuracy guaranteed by press agencies.

What’s better when you can access information from all sources from just one platform instead of having to go to each news agency’s website to read news, not to mention you may have to register. account and pay for each news agency.

However, the extent of the benefit depends on the agreement between Google and news agencies about how much users can access an article of that news agency. Specifically, users can read the full text or just the summary of that article only. But either way, users still benefit from having a platform where they can access various sources of information in an up-to-date and accurate manner.

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