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In real life, teaching children is very good, look at the academic achievements of the two children and respect!

“Love the sunny day” is currently the hottest movie on VTV. The film revolves around the life of Mrs. Nga selling vermicelli and her 3 daughters. Contributing to the success of the film must include the performance of veteran actors such as People’s Artist Thanh Quy, People’s Artist Minh Hoa, People’s Artist Trung Anh, People’s Artist Lan Huong, etc. and familiar actors of VTV: Lan Phuong, Hong Dang, Huyen Lizzie,…

In the film, People’s Artist Trung Anh plays Mr. Hung, the father-in-law of Khanh’s character. Unlike his fierce wife and daughter, whose son is somewhat weak, Mr. Hung is a man of opinion, gentle, very understanding and always kind to his daughter-in-law.

It is known that in real life, People’s Artist Trung Anh has a happy family. On the film, he is often helpless with his children, but in real life, the male artist is very good at shaping and teaching his children. Under the upbringing of People’s Artist Trung Anh, both children have admirable academic achievements.

The loveliest supporting role Love the sunny day: In real life, teaching children is very good, looking at the academic achievements of the two children, respect!  - Photo 1.

People’s Artist Trung Anh as Mr. Hung.

Both children go to study abroad, the youngest daughter receives an American scholarship

People’s Artist Trung Anh has 2 children, the eldest son is named Tien Viet, and the daughter is named Thuc Anh. Tien Viet used to be a high-quality student of Hanoi University of Science and Technology – a leading technical university in Vietnam, belonging to a group of national key universities. Currently, the eldest son of People’s Artist Trung Anh is studying engineering in Vassa (Finland). Some time ago, when the epidemic situation in Europe was tense, Tien Viet returned home for a while.

According to Trung Anh’s father’s comment, Tien Viet is an independent person, hard working and adaptable.

The youngest sister, Thuc Anh, is also as good at studying as her brother. Previously, People’s Artist Trung Anh’s “apricot wine jar” won a scholarship to major in biochemistry at Northern Kentucky University in the US. It is known that the scholarship includes about 10,000 USD for tuition fees and other expenses. Before that, Thuc Anh was a chemistry student since high school.

Like his brother, Thuc Anh is also very independent, actively sets goals to study abroad, learns to choose schools, and sends documents. “Mr. Hung” said that many nights, girls study hard when their parents are asleep. On the late days of school, Thuc Anh still follows the girls to extracurricular activities and learns English.

The loveliest supporting role Love the sunny day: In real life, teaching children is very good, looking at the academic achievements of the two children, respect!  - Photo 2.

People’s Artist Trung Anh’s family a few years ago.

The letter to teach children once caused a social media storm, causing many parents to nod in agreement

Before playing the role of “national father-in-law Hung” in “Thuong on a sunny day”, People’s Artist Trung Anh was also famous for his role as “national father Son” in “Go home, son”. In real life, the male artist also teaches his son as delicately as “father Son”.

In the past, People’s Artist Trung Anh once wrote a heart letter to his daughter, causing many people to whisper about how to raise their daughter to be both warm and very close. Specifically, he wrote:

“To my daughter’s wine,

The profession of acting, being too dedicated, the movie is good for people. Looking at you today, I suddenly remembered a line “In the old days, the old people said, a daughter is as precious as apricot wine”. Then I kept thinking about the day I gave the bottle of wine myself to someone else. In the movie, dad has three bottles of apricot wine, but in real life he only has one really precious bottle. So, I want to give it to someone who really deserves it.

Marriage is not the door that opens a happy life forever, but also like when the boat sails out to sea, if it wants to go smoothly, the driver must be steady. For a happy marriage, love is the main, sobriety is ten. Dad said it’s funny, but his son-in-law will need to be patient enough to tolerate your son’s bad habits, need to be firm in combination to know how to make progress, need to be solid to be a support for the whole family. Only then, the new boat will firmly sail to sea, the family will be strong through the waves, the father will not have to say the sentence “Go home, son…”.

My son-in-law can ask for his son’s hand to marry him, and I willingly agree. In the past, the father who married his mother had nothing but a few roles. But being a man, you can be poor for a while, but not for a lifetime. Because of the duty of a husband and a father, it is to protect his wife and children. If he wants to marry his father’s daughter, he only needs to answer the question “One year, five years from now, what will you give my daughter?”.

When you are young, you may think that if you don’t have a house, you will stay in, and if you don’t have a car, rent it. But the inn is the house of others, the rental car is not our own. If you compare your love to a seed, then the family is a tree, a tree that wants to thrive and needs a stable land to thrive. Why should my happiest moments be sent to someone else’s place?

A daughter is as precious as a bottle of dream wine. Dad’s daughter is the most precious bottle of apricot wine in his life. Therefore, as the husband of your son, you may not have a house or a car, but you must have the will to take care of a beautiful luxury car for your family. You may not be rich in material things, but you must be rich in will. With that, Dad will feel secure and give away the most precious bottle of apricot wine in his life.”

After reading the letter, many nodded and praised People’s Artist Trung Anh as a great father from the movie to life.

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