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Las Vegas, USA declares war on water waste

Watering grass near a street corner in the Summerlin neighborhood, northwest of Las Vegas. (Artwork: AP)

Las Vegas city authorities even had to step in and declare war on the situation waste water.

Lawns that are irrigated by automatic sprinkler systems are not uncommon images of many households in the US. However, in this moment, in the city of Las Vegas, which is experiencing drought seriously, letting water overflow like that is a behavior that needs to be strictly reminded. And this is also the familiar task of the local police these days. The police will patrol every day, taking pictures of residents wasting water.

Cameron Donnarumma, Las Vegas police officer, said: “I mainly drive around the city to check for any water-wasting behavior, such as overflowing, broken sprinklers, etc. or leaking water system”.

To limit water waste, households are assigned a certain day to water the lawn during the week. Therefore, if a family watered the wrong day, it would also be considered a violation. In addition, watering the lawn between 11am and 7pm is also not allowed, because during this time the water will evaporate faster, further wasting water.

Las Vegas, USA declares war on water waste - Photo 1.

Las Vegas officials stepped up water-conservation efforts to cut water use amid the ongoing drought. (Photo: AP)

However, local authorities focus on education rather than punishment. The initial violations will be warned, but if repeated many times, there will be heavy fines, starting from 80 USD, then will be doubled after each violation.

Mr. Tedd Florendo, a meteorologist, said: “Normally the rainfall here is 100 mm/year. But over the past decade or so, the rainfall has dropped sharply, even only 50 mm. Drought like this. so it’s more necessary save water“.

Currently, Las Vegas residents are encouraged to replace natural grass with artificial grass or cactus to save water for irrigation and receive financial support. Some residents received more than $1,000 to renovate the garden and replace it with a more eco-friendly solution.

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