Looking at the last 4 majors, the candidates must have widened their eyes in surprise

The list of university majors with high demand for human resources is given by the Ministry of Education and Training in the fields of Computer and Information Technology; Tourism, Hospitality, Sports and Personal Services.

The field of computing includes 6 disciplines: Computer Science, Computer Networking and Data Communication, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, and Computer Engineering Technology. The field of information technology includes two branches: Information Technology and Information Security.

In the fields of tourism, hotel, sports and personal services, there are 4 majors included in the list of university-level training majors with high demand for human resources. Specifically, they include: Tourism, Tourism and Travel Service Management, Hotel Management, Restaurant Management and Catering Services.

This list of 12 majors does not include specific training disciplines with high demand for other university-level human resources in these fields that have been approved for training.

The list was released by the Ministry of Education and Training together with the circular stipulating the determination of enrollment quotas for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students and college enrollment targets in early childhood education in 2022. The regulations clearly state that the The specific training industry has a high demand for university-level human resources to meet the country’s socio-economic development requirements.

These sectors are announced by the Ministry of Education and Training in each period and adjusted and supplemented on the basis of human resource needs to meet the requirements of socio-economic development according to the guidelines and orientations of the State. .

Why is the tourism and hotel industry in high demand?

Being in the industry group hardest hit, almost “paralysed” because of the Covid-19 epidemic on a global scale, but tourism, hotel and service are still the industry group that attracts a lot of aspirations (NV) ) registered in the enrollment season.

According to statistics from the Department of Higher Education – Ministry of Education and Training, in 2021, the tourism, hotel, sports and personal services industry groups have a total of over 199,000 registered candidates while recruiting just over 24,000 targets. Thus, the total aspiration out of the total target, the number of aspirations is 8.2 times higher than the target.

In addition, the number of candidates applying for NV1 to the above industry group is over 48,000, so the number of candidates applying for NV1/total target to the tourism industry is more than 201% and ranks 4th out of 15 major groups selected by candidates. register the most NV.

These are 12 majors that are in high demand in terms of human resources launched by the Ministry of Education and Training: Looking at the last 4 majors, candidates must have widened their eyes in surprise - Photo 1.

According to statistics, Tourism Business Administration is one of the professions that bring high income. Learners in this field promise a stable career.

Previously, expert Tran Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Vietnam Institute of Training and Human Resource Development said:When Covid-19 ends, the tourism industry will face the cruel reality of a severe shortage of human resources. The reason is that the tourism industry is being severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. When this situation lasts, many employees are impatient, clingy, bored, quit their jobs, go to other jobs… Even when the epidemic is over, they still have a stable income from a new job, it will be difficult to choose. return to the old job”.

In addition, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan also said that the tourism industry still needs a new human force to update technology trends and connect tourism that we are currently lacking.

The career development direction of this industry is very broad, not just being a tour guide, tour guideā€¦ You can be a human resource manager, restaurant manager, hotel manager, kitchen, bartenderā€¦ Even Currently, technology is also applied in tourism to generate new jobs such as travel bloggers, destination reviewers… It can be said that this industry is very wide, with many job opportunities, the important thing is adaptability. branch-cuoi-chac-thi-sinh-tron-mat-vi-ngac-nhien-20220510214742552.chn

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