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Mail delivery by drone in the UK

Royal Mail began testing automated deliveries last year (Image: Royal Mail)

Royal Mail, the British postal service provider, is planning to open 50 new routes to deliver mail and parcels by drone to the country’s remote islands. The company also expects to put about 200 . into use unmanned aerial vehicle in the next 3 years.

Each of these drones can carry 100 kg of mail and parcels and make 2 round-trip flights daily. Not only saving manpower, using drones to deliver mail and parcels can help reduce emissions by at least 30% from delivery.

Royal Mail claims the drones will help reduce carbon emissions and provide a more reliable delivery service to the islands. The company hopes to have a fleet of more than 500 units operating in the UK within the next three years.

In the past 18 months, Royal Mail has carried out 4 tests and received positive feedback from people. This project is still waiting for the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s approval before officially going into operation.

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