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Miscalculated the size of the “small penis”, the young wife panicked and asked the doctor to “remove” it

The wife mistakenly estimated the size of her husband’s ‘little boy’, the doctor shrunk the ‘little girl’ but it was too small to fit, the couple worked hard for an hour, the young wife had to ask the doctor for help… out urgently.

Afraid that her husband would be bored because the “little girl” was like a “sail” full of wind and wanted to feel “in love” like in the beginning, MH – a 28-year-old mother of two children in Hanoi decided to go miniature. perineum (“little girl”).

The thought that, after the successful refurbishment, the couple would return to the feeling of their youth, but surprisingly, just because of the wrong estimate of the size of her husband’s “little penis”, the young woman had to turn back to the doctor for help. Doctor… loosen it up.

The “little girl” miniaturization service is attracting more and more women, especially those who have given birth twice. However, sharing with reporters, obstetrician and gynecologist Le Thi Kim Dung, Agricultural Hospital, Thai Ha campus said that the MH case is just one of many “bad crying, bad laughing” stories around the world. around the episiotomy she had received.

Miscalculated the size of the “small penis”, the young wife panicked and asked the doctor to “remove” it

Accordingly, the case of this young mother is also very “weird”. After giving birth to 2 children, listening to friends whispering about this technique, MH was also eager to learn and decided to do it right away.

“Husbands of the same age have high demands. I tiptoely mentioned the desire to refurbish the little girl for “tight, tight” to help her husband feel “in love” like the first time. Unexpectedly, he nodded his head but wouldn’t take me to work.

Ok, it’s okay, I picked up the phone and asked my best friend to take me to the hospital.

Before that, the doctor asked what the husband’s size was, but he never measured it, so he only approximated this and that. The surgery went well,” MH recounted.

4 weeks of careful abstinence, both husband and wife are eager for the first time after MH refurbished. Wow, after a warm and passionate warm-up, MH’s husband worked hard and sweated to “break” a little “goal”, while this young mother gritted her teeth and tried to hold back the pain. , burning that… do not dare to cry. The reason is just because of the wrong estimate of the size of her husband’s “little boy”, so the doctor shrunk the “little girl” but it was too small so it didn’t fit.

“Love becomes torture. In the end, I had to rush back to the hospital to have the doctor expand. It’s just getting old, how can you use it?” MH shyly recounted.

As life develops, the beauty needs of people in general and women in particular increase, the “little girl” renovation is also a legitimate need. They go to work because they want to find a sense of sublimation when near their husbands, some people want to work to keep their husbands, but there are people who go to work simply because they find theirs is too wide, too ugly… so they go back to work to satisfy their husbands. .

However, according to Dr. Dung, surgery is not always satisfactory. Many women think simply to make it really small, the smaller it is, the more sex will be at the top without expecting that the ‘place’ is tighter, which means that it will be more difficult to ‘love’, so leading to tears of laughter.

“Even some people want to close their heads, ‘small and pretty like a child growing up’. As a result, the couple could not have sex because of pain,” said Dr. Dung, laughing. There are even people who, even though the surgery is completely perfect, the stitches do not leave any scars, but cannot find the feeling they want again.

Therefore, Dr. Dung also recommends that surgery to narrow the perineum is often indicated in cases of genital prolapse. Women should consider whether it is necessary or not because the pain during surgery is not always the same as expected.

If you want to do it, you should go to reputable facilities, avoid going to spa facilities, not guaranteed. Because without a thorough study of the information on the aesthetic basis, the information performed by the doctor, women may fall into the situation of losing money, carrying disabilities, and suffering unpredictable dangerous complications.

Sharing with reporters, Dr. BS Nguyen Huu Quang, Deputy Head of Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation Department, National Hospital of Dermatology, said that the process of a standard miniaturization case “little girl” is standard. Performing at the hospital involves many steps, this is probably also the reason why many women are afraid to go to the hospital to perform this technique.

However, all these seemingly cumbersome “procedures” are only for the purpose of optimally ensuring a successful surgery.

Accordingly, in order to have a safe miniaturization surgery, women must first be evaluated by a general doctor to assess whether they are eligible to perform surgery or not. Because in fact, there are also contraindications to this method.

For example, a patient has acute inflammation at the site, but if the facility does not meet the standards of setting profit goals above, they can “defeat” to do so.

After passing the overall health examination, the women also had to do a few more necessary blood tests, and the overall condition of the patient was assessed, at which point the doctors decided to prepare the operating room. art.

Dr. Dr. Huu Quang said, this is an extremely important step that decides quite a lot for the success of the surgery. Accordingly, the operating room must be a sterile room meeting the standards of the Ministry of Health and the instruments must also be sterile.

The surgeon conducts surgical design and then performs surgery (connects the sphincter muscles of the vaginal canal, tightens and shrinks, removes excess skin and mucous membranes of the vagina, rebuilds the muscle) ring of his door). The time for an operation usually lasts about 30-40 minutes or even more depending on the condition of the person performing the surgery.

“Usually after surgery, the incision will be swollen, oozing fluid or blood for 1 to 5 days and after 2-4 weeks, you can have normal sex (if the surgery is successful). Therefore, the most important thing for women before deciding to shrink her,” Dr. Quang emphasized why women need to find out, and only do it at authorized establishments.

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