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North Korea has the first death from Covid-19, about 350,000 people have a fever

At least 1 person confirmed to have Covid-19 has died in North Korea and hundreds of thousands of people showed fever-like symptoms, KCNA reported on May 13.

North Korea has its first death from Covid-19, about 350,000 people have a fever - Photo 1

KCNA reported that about 187,800 people are currently being treated in isolation after an unexplained fever “began to explode and spread nationwide” in late April.

Up to now, about 350,000 people have shown signs of fever, including 18,000 new symptoms on May 10. However, the KCNA report did not specify how many people tested positive for the virus Covid-19.

According to the North Korean news agency, at least six people with fever symptoms have died, with one confirmed case of the variant. Omicron.

The KCNA news agency on May 12 reported that the country detected a case of infection with variant BA.2, a subline of the highly infectious Omicron variant and commonly known as “stealth” Omicron.

Chairman Kim Jong-un On May 10, he went to the anti-epidemic control center to observe the situation. At noon of the same day, the capital authorities suddenly asked people not to leave their homes in Pyongyang and placed a blockade of the city from noon on May 10, according to NK News.

At an emergency meeting of the Politburo of the Workers’ Party of Korea on May 12, Chairman Kim set the goal of “to root out the epidemic in the shortest time”. The leader instructed all localities in North Korea to “strictly blockade” to prevent the spread of the disease and declared it “the most serious national emergency”.

Chairman Kim criticized the “fever situation that is spreading at the same time with the capital as the center of reflecting weaknesses in the disease prevention system” of North Korea.

The leader stressed that proactive measures to isolate and investigate people with fever are the top priority, while calling for rapid introduction of treatment measures and increased efforts to provide medicine.

In another report, KCNA reported that health officials North Korea is trying to organize testing and treatment systems, and implement disinfection operations.

Since the pandemic started in Wuhan (China) and spread globally, for more than 2 years, North Korea has maintained strict epidemic control measures under the zero-Covid policy, including border closure and isolation.

Before detecting cases and deaths in Pyongyang, North Korea had not yet recorded any Covid-19 infections or deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

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