People with sinusitis should eat a lot of sugar?

This is an infection of the mucous membrane lining the inside of the sinuses caused by bacteria, viruses or allergies, leading to edema, narrowing the diameter of the sinus openings, causing pus and inflammatory fluid to stagnate in the sinuses. cannot get out. This disease is very common in countries with tropical monsoon climates.

Vietnam is one of the countries with a relatively high rate of sinusitis, because the humid climate creates favorable conditions for bacteria and viruses that cause disease to arise and develop. The disease usually occurs at the change of seasons, especially spring, and is more common in adults and children less often with sinusitis. This disease is easy to recur and often requires long-term treatment.

The foods used every day have a certain impact, which can help improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment or vice versa make sinusitis worse. Therefore, there will be foods and foods that the sick person should use and those that need to be limited.

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If you have sinusitis, should you eat a lot of sugar?

The answer is no, because sugar provides energy for important metabolic processes of the body, but that is when we consume moderate amounts of sugar. Consuming too much refined sugar will make sinusitis worse.

Therefore, patients with sinusitis need to limit eating a lot of sweets, especially confectionery containing a lot of refined sugar. Instead, use foods with natural sweetness (from fruits, tubers) to supplement the amount of sugar needed by the body.

What should patients with sinusitis avoid eating?

Milk and dairy products

Sinusitis is related to a number of immune factors in the body and milk contains a lot of protein. When the patient uses milk or dairy products, it will make the sinusitis worse, because the mucus in the nose increases in both quantity and consistency, leading to more severe congestion of the sinuses.

Allergic foods

Sinusitis will become extremely bad if the patient eats foods that cause him or her to be allergic. Therefore, patients need to know what foods they are allergic to, as well as avoid things that can cause allergies from the environment such as pollen, dust mites, etc.

It is best for patients to be careful when using foods that cause allergies such as seafood, peanuts, milk, fermented foods, strange foods such as bee pupae, silkworm pupae, etc.

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People with sinusitis should not eat a lot of sugar.

Hot spicy food

In general, people who are having problems with the nose – sinuses, throat diseases should avoid eating hot spicy foods because they easily cause mucosal irritations, increase the risk of stomach acid reflux and increase mucus secretion. , making the disease more difficult to treat.

Alcohol, stimulants

These drinks not only irritate the throat, but also dehydrate the body, increasing the risk of fluid stagnation in the sinuses. Moreover, if used a lot, the patient will easily fall into a state of depression.

Cold food

Patients with sinusitis should be avoided because it can cause sudden temperature changes, irritate the nasopharynx and make sinusitis worse. In addition, other cold foods such as ice cream, cold tea… create conditions for bacteria in the nasal cavity to grow, increasing the risk of superinfection for the already inflamed sinus mucosa.

Processed and greasy foods

Foods rich in saturated fats, such as animal fats and skins, desserts, fast foods, some dairy products, etc. can trigger inflammation and prolong healing.

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