RMIT student wins first prize in Business Case Competition

The Bank (HSBC Vietnam) in collaboration with the VietSeeds Scholarship Fund successfully organized the final round of the 2022 Business Case Competition.

This is the national final round of the HSBC Business Case Competition and is a large scale open to university students around the world. The contest attracted the participation of 16 teams from universities in many provinces such as Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. All rounds are held 100% online on the Zoom Meetings platform.

RMIT University student won first place in Business Case Competition - 1

The team from RMIT University excellently overcame the remaining 3 competitors to win the championship of the 2022 Business Case Competition.

The participating teams went through 2 rounds of analysis and business case presentation to find the top 4 teams entering the final round. The winning team was awarded a cash prize of VND 50 million and had the opportunity to represent Vietnam in the HSBC Asia-Pacific Business Case Competition. 1st runner up and 2 2nd runner up prizes respectively received cash prizes worth VND 30 million and VND 20 million, respectively.

Along with that, all teams will be able to participate in training sessions on presentation skills in English, teamwork skills, problem solving skills,…

After the thrilling competitions, the team from RMIT University excellently overcame the remaining 3 competitors to win the championship, and at the same time, became the representative of Vietnam to participate in the international round of the competition. HSBC Asia-Pacific Business Case Competition.

Student at RMIT University won first place in Business Case Competition - 2

RMIT won the HSBC Business Case Competition.

Mr. Tim Evans, General Director of HSBC Vietnam said: “During the 8 years of running the competition in Vietnam, HSBC is very proud to have contributed to the development of a modern and practical playground for the business sector, where Vietnamese students can learn and apply their knowledge of the world. their knowledge into real business situations in an international working environment. After the competition in previous years, we found that many contestants were able to put the skills learned from the Competition into their real work and achieve success.

In response to the recent changes in the world, this year, HSBC’s Business Case Competition was once again held online, helping Vietnamese students adapt to the new way of working in the global economy. working flexibly (hybrid way). Despite the challenges, the students showed how they learned new skills and unleashed their creativity at work. Those are must-have skills in today’s world.

This is also HSBC’s ambitious goal in building and equipping the future Vietnamese generation with the knowledge and skills of the new era, thereby supporting the country’s development, helping Vietnam to grow and develop. Nam has made great strides in an ever-changing world.”

Representative of VietSeeds, Ms. Huyen Ton Nu Cat Tuong – Co-founder of this organization affirmed: “Based on the companionship in organizing as well as guiding and training young people in the contest, we wish to continue to spread our vision and mission of supporting young Vietnamese people in the future. pursue a rich intellectual life and steady career; from there, change your life by yourself, serve the community and become a generation of active citizens, future leaders, especially when the whole world is thriving again after the COVID-19 pandemic- 19.

Throughout the competition and at the final round, based on your change of mindset and bravery compared to the early days, we feel very happy that our contributions have contributed to the promising “seeds” for society”.

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