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Russia sanctions Western energy companies

Gazprom Germania headquarters in Berlin, Germany, April 1, 2022. (Photo: Reuters)

The sanctioned list includes 31 Western energy companies, including EuroPol Gaz (Poland), Gazprom Germania and 29 Gazprom Germania subsidiaries in the UK, France, the US, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Singapore.. .

EuroPol Gaz is the owner of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline in Poland. The sanctions including a trading ban and a ban on ships of these enterprises from entering Russian ports.

Over the past time, the West has continuously imposed measures punish Russiafrom asset freezes to export bans on strategic products like semiconductors and financial sanctions.

Russia sanctions Western energy companies - Photo 1.

The gas pipeline in Beregdaroc, Hungary, belongs to the system that carries gas from Russia to the European Union. (Photo: Reuters)

On the same day, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that Moscow’s demand that European customers pay for gas in rubles will not lead to supply disruptions.

Speaking during a visit to the US, Prime Minister Draghi said that he was able to make the above optimistic statement because there is currently no official statement on the violation of sanctions, nor is there a specific provision that the payment of sanctions against the US government has not been confirmed. payments in rubles violate the sanctions. In fact, most gas importers opened accounts in rubles with Gazprom.

Currently, about 10 European countries have agreed to pay for Russian gas in rubles at the request of President Putin for unfriendly countries since April 1.

Earlier, the European Commission warned that compliance with the Russian ruble payment scheme could violate EU sanctions.

Italy is dependent on Russia for energy, with 40% of the Gas imported from Russia in 2021. The country is now urgently looking for alternative suppliers.

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