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Sad because her mother-in-law is terrible, revealing that she wants to take her daughter-in-law’s hand and return it to her grandmother’s house

I am 27 years old, have been married for 3 years and currently have a daughter. After I got married, I went to live at my husband’s house. Only my mother-in-law because my father-in-law passed away a long time ago, I thought that someone would come to take care of me and help with housework, making my mother-in-law more happy, but from the first time I debuted, I received unpleasant eyes from her. grandma.

I’m not too proud of myself, but I’m really a person of beauty, living above and below, my family, my parents are officials, give me a good education and have a stable job. However, my mother-in-law criticized her waist, I was a lady who only got a code, married only to the ancestor…

The day I got on the flower car, my mother cried until she loved her daughter, left her biological parents’ house to be a bride, her mother-in-law was difficult but the conditions were not outstanding. How much I love me, my parents arranged for me a generous dowry so I wouldn’t suffer. Unexpectedly, how much money and gold dowry my mother-in-law collected in the name of keeping for her, used to pay for the wedding.

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Not stopping there, my mother-in-law every day bitterly teaches me that a daughter-in-law must work hard, live a reasonable life, serve her husband’s family thoughtfully… I always go back to doing housework, but in return it is a searching gaze. review, lack of sympathy from my mother-in-law. Whatever I do, I don’t satisfy her, just force me to do it right away, or else she gets angry, scolds and threatens to kick me out of the house.

Once, my mother-in-law asked me to sweep the house, at that time I said that I was in the middle of a job, I would sweep in a little while. However, she suddenly went to get a broom, swept hard on the floor and then lifted it up, while sweeping her, she scolded me for being lazy and against my mother-in-law. And yet, my mother-in-law took out the phone and called my biological parents directly saying that she did not know how to teach her daughter, when she returned home, her husband was lazy, arguing with his mother-in-law…

Pressing me yet, my mother-in-law is open to asking me to get out of the house. Also called and told my parents to come pick up my daughter, the husband’s family returned to teach more. I am also very sad, because my parents know what kind of person I am, know that my daughter suffers many injustices, so every time I go home, my mother cries because she loves her daughter. Helplessly watching the child being suppressed without knowing what to do.

My husband also loves his wife, but he does not dare to argue with his mother, because once my husband defended his wife Mother cried and shouted: “FEARoh my, it’s miserable like this? After giving birth to a son, he was raised and educated, but did not expect the day to return, but he listened to his wife and turned his back on his mother. I don’t really want to live, I go out of your sight, do whatever I want in this house“.

Hearing my mother talk like that, my husband could only apologize profusely, hoping that she would be less angry, but if something happened, he would know how to talk to his relatives. Knowing that the mother is too much, my husband can only encourage his wife to be patient, because her husband does not accept picking up the difficult old mother. Sometimes I just wanted to hug my children and leave for my grandmother’s house, but I fell in love with my husband in a difficult situation, so I had to stay.

Living with my mother-in-law is so sour, so cruel, what do I have to do to make her love me, so that my family life can be peaceful? Should I respond to her, or definitely ask her husband to go out and live alone?

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