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Samsung phones depreciate 3 times faster than iPhones

New data from SellCell shows that the Samsung Galaxy S22, launched in February, has dropped its price by 47%. The Google Pixel 6 also depreciated 42% after its October launch. The iPhone 13 is the best value holder phone to date as it’s only fallen 16% since its launch in September 2021.

Specifically, the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G has lost about 58% of its value within two months of its launch. This is an alarming loss for new users who have only had the device for such a short time. Despite the similar price to the iPhone, those who want to buy the Galaxy S22 in the future may end up spending more money than those who trade with the iPhone 13.

Another reason to buy an iPhone because it holds value much better than any of its Android counterparts. Last year, SellCell did some research that showed that the iPhone, specifically the iPhone 13, was Apple’s least likely depreciating iPhone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max have the best value

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) is the best in the lineup as it’s only 3.8% off for one in “Like New” condition. Product depreciation usually starts two months after the phone’s launch.

SellCell also found that the iPhone 13 in “Like New” condition lost 18.7% of its value after the first month. However, it has seen a definite recovery as it lost only 16.4% of its value after the second month. The iPhone not only holds value better than Android, but has also seen a rebound after losing its original value.

The Google Pixel 6 is also seeing this recovery but its potential for devaluation is still greater than the iPhone. Value recovery is the same as iPhone, about 2% for smartphones in “Like New” or “Good” condition.

Also according to SellCell’s research, iPhone 13 Mini is Apple’s fastest depreciating model, dropping more than 29% after 2 months.

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