“Shocked” with the increase in villa prices, a district of Hanoi increased by 82%

The selling price of villas and adjoining houses has increased sharply

The real estate market in April had opposite movements in all types, specifically, while the demand to buy most types of real estate tended to decrease compared to the same period last year, such as private houses decreased by 9 %, land plots decreased by 8%, while villas and adjacent houses recorded an average increase of 7% in interest across the country, according to data from

In which, many provinces have a strong increase in searches of this type, notably Quang Nam up 167%, Hung Yen up 43%, Khanh Hoa up 18%, Quang Ninh up 14%. The supply of villas and townhouses nationwide also increased by 17%.

Along with the interest, the selling price of villas and townhouses also increased significantly, especially in the districts of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The selling price of villas and adjacent houses in Gia Lam, Hoang Mai, Hoai Duc (Hanoi) increased by 82%, 46%, and 39%, respectively. This index in Tan Binh, District 7, District 9 (HCMC) also recorded an increase of 60%, 35% and 25%.

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Before that, DKRA Vietnam also published the real estate market report in April showing that the asking price of townhouses and villas on the primary market in Ho Chi Minh City increased by 5-10% compared to the previous month.

The scarcity of supply in Ho Chi Minh City and the increasing price level are the reasons why a large number of customers have turned their attention to the neighboring provinces, where the supply is diverse and the selling price is still similar. relatively low. DKRA forecasts that house prices in Ho Chi Minh City are likely to continue to increase in the near future.

Explaining the heat of the villa and townhouse type, Batdongsan’s experts said that before information about inflation, real estate buyers now prioritize real estate products that have demand for buying, selling and renting. high, has a history of liquidity and good profitability. Villa, adjacent is one of the types of real estate that appreciates well and has the highest successful transaction rate in 2021, so it continues to attract a great deal of interest.

Price forecast to continue to increase

Savills forecasts that, in the remaining months of the year, the villa and townhouse market in Hanoi will welcome more than 1,600 units from ten projects. In which, the West region has the largest future supply. With limited products in the Hanoi market, investors will continue to look for opportunities in neighboring localities such as Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Hung Yen, or Hoa Binh.

Regarding the price of this segment, since the third quarter of 2021, the primary selling price has continuously recorded the highest price ever. The next stage has a significantly higher selling price compared to the previous stages. Townhouse prices of the later period in Hoang Mai District recorded an increase of 56% quarter-on-quarter while Hoai Duc District recorded an increase of 42% quarter-on-quarter for townhouses and 26% quarter-on-quarter for townhouses in subsequent periods. .

In Ho Chi Minh City, by the end of 2022, the future supply will have 1,130 units/plots expected to be offered for sale, of which 56% will come from well-known developers such as Vingroup, Masterise Homes, Khang Dien, Keppel Land and Keppel Land. Dai Phuc Group. To meet the needs of customers after the pandemic, these projects are developed in closed urban areas with high density of green space and full facilities.

By 2025, the future supply is expected to reach more than 10,900 units/lot. District 2 is the main mainland real estate development destination, accounting for 29% of the supply, followed by Binh Chanh with 21% and District 9 with 13%. Districts 2 and 9 welcome the development of key traffic projects such as Thu Thiem Bridge 2, expected to be inaugurated at the end of April. Ho Chi Minh City Department of Home Affairs develops a project to transform Binh Chanh into a district or city city ​​in Ho Chi Minh City in the period of 2021-2025.

Savills expert said, when the supply of affordable housing in the city became scarce, buyers and developers expanded their investment in neighboring provinces such as Dong Nai and Binh Duong. Thanks to developed infrastructure and abundant land fund, land-based real estate projects in Dong Nai achieved an absorption rate of 85% and Binh Duong reached 67% in the first quarter of 2022. However, the market shows signs of speculation, with about 65% of people buying for investment rather than real demand.

Also giving a forecast for the villa and townhouse segment, BHS Group said that, because the real estate market is still positive, the absorption rate is forecasted to continue to increase steadily over the quarters and the selling price will also increase. recorded a growth rate of about 8-15% in 2022. However, supply may be affected due to tightening of credit for real estate loans and State agencies starting to control the market tightly. than.

According to Phong Linh

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