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Skin care tips after squeezing acne to avoid scarring-Beauty

Friday, May 13, 2022 13:00 PM (GMT+7)

After squeezing acne, the skin is damaged, so it needs to be cared for very carefully and carefully, otherwise it may leave scars.

Acne is an inflammation of the pores caused by a blockage of the sebaceous glands. Of course, squeezing acne is not recommended because it can cause more severe inflammation or darkening or worse scarring, even pitted scars. But for those who like to squeeze acne or naughty hands or accidentally squeeze acne, they must know the following skin care secrets so that the skin can recover the fastest.

1. Use skin care products to moisturize

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First, choose skin care products that add moisture to the skin and help bring balance and reduce inflammation. Whether it is a product group, moisturizer or aloe vera gel can be used. They will help nourish the facial skin to become smooth. In addition, you should wipe your face with physiological saline. It will help reduce inflammation and irritation like never before.

2. Always wear sunscreen every day

Everyone knows that sunscreen is very important in skin care, especially after squeezing acne. It is imperative that you apply sunscreen every day so that when you go out in the sun you do not damage your skin because sunlight is the cause of skin inflammation, skin irritation, redness or burning can also occur. Sunscreen should be applied both indoors and outdoors and reapplied every 2-3 hours.

3. Limit the use of products containing AHA and BHA

Products containing AHAs and BHAs can cause skin irritation. They can also cause the skin to become more inflamed than before because they are all products containing exfoliants. Therefore, you should limit the use of products containing this ingredient after squeezing acne, it will be better for the skin.

4. Do not scrub your face

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Many people may think that exfoliating the face will help adjust the skin back to its original state quickly. But in case the skin has just popped the acne, do not rub the skin because it will lead to more severe skin irritation. It also has a risk of causing skin inflammation.

5. Use products containing Clindamycin

Products containing clindamycin reduce inflammation. So you can use it after popping pimples. In addition, those who have finished squeezing acne can also use a gentle facial cleanser or gel to clean the skin. Absolutely do not use facial cleansers with massage beads that will cause the skin to rub and cause more severe wounds to the skin.

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