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“Sometimes I wonder, why am I so frugal?”

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy real name is Ngo Pham Hanh Thuy, born in 1976 in Ben Tre. Since 1997, she has been active in the arts with many prominent roles such as: actress, author, director, visiting teacher at the School of Theater and Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hanh Thuy made her mark in the public’s heart with many roles in hit TV series such as: The shadow with her husband, Living in fear, Mother and daughter Doppelganger, Half husband, Long river, Glass rain, Female doctor, Garden playboy, Loving the field perch, Tears of weeds, Apple tree in bloom …

In addition to a rather fulfilling career, Hanh Thuy admits that she works hard to earn money and is the breadwinner of the family. Although the current life is still saving and saving, Hanh Thuy is very satisfied with her two daughters. She considers it her greatest achievement.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy aged 46: Sometimes I wonder why I have to save so much - Photo 1.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy at the age of 46. (photo FBNV)

The most proud of my honesty

As a female artist, what is the biggest difficulty in teaching your children?

With a small child, I just get annoyed with the “need” of eating. I’m pretty picky. I myself have always been afraid that my child is not safe and regret it for him, as well as for myself.

In the past, my parents weren’t afraid of it, so my childhood was very colorful: going to the river to swim, flying a kite, going to school and going back home… But now, I’m afraid that my child is not safe, so I limit it. Its way is to the fence gate and back inside the house. Everywhere I go, I have to have my parents, so I lose the initiative.

The fact that I am afraid that my child is not safe also limits my child’s activity space. So my spiritual life also fades away. That’s what I don’t like the most.

In addition to acting as an actress and director, she also writes scripts and teaches. Do you work too much, be so busy, will your child be “sticky” to the computer or phone?

Every time I come home from work, as soon as I hear the car, the whole family rushes to turn off the phones and televisions. It’s a big deal, but my baby is nothing special compared to other people. I just try to limit my ability.

They say: cover up the bad, show off the good. Any parent when it comes to their child is also full of pride, showing off their good points, but I think she is too honest, not afraid to say what is not yet?

I think so. That’s also what I’m proud of my son. It makes very good judgments about oneself and others, without being delusional. I analyze right and wrong for my children, not force them to do anything. I accept low grades as well, as long as he’s honest and understands what he’s talking about.

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The youngest daughter of artist Hanh Thuy is in grade 2. The eldest daughter is 22 years old. The children are especially close and love their mother.

Do you accept the fact that your child gets a low score, like a 0?

When I used to go to school myself, I also had a period of low grades, so it was nothing too serious. Currently, I am also continuing to study. There is a way to get a high score but I always get 7, 8. Days 9, 10 points is very proud because I have worked so hard.

I only teach children, there are things they are not allowed to do. One is lying, the other is stealing. If you get 0 points, if you take the initiative to tell me, it won’t be as big of a deal as if you hid it and I knew it myself. So, when they have problems, they will tell themselves, not hide from me.

Every day when I come home from work, I also ask how was your day, how did you study? They themselves have the same need to ask their mother the same thing. It is the simplest and most effective way to connect parents with their children. To me, it’s like re-energizing myself.

As for the fact that my child gets zero, I consider them to be his difficulties and failures, if so, it is part of his life. It is also a way for children to get used to failure, so that when they fail, they will not be disappointed. If I color it pink, when the child stumbles, it will falter.

“I find myself struggling”

Have you ever put on the scale, between children and career, which is important. And if you had to choose, which would you choose?

I’ve never been put in that situation, nor have I let myself be. I had to use my job to take care of my family, so that my family could have a better life. On the contrary, my family is my spiritual motivation, the motivation to strive for me to continue to work better.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy aged 46: Sometimes I wonder why I have to save so much - Photo 5.

She made friends with children, shared with them, didn’t force them to do anything.

At the age of 46, are you satisfied with what you are doing for your family and children?

Satisfaction is better than satisfaction. Because, like yesterday, I teach at the same time as a director, as a script writer, as an actor, and still do some team work. People compliment, it’s so good, it’s so good, doing all kinds of things.

In fact, a good woman is 6 or 8 hours done. They go out or come home, throw money in the husband’s face, you go out with me, children go out with mom, let’s be happy and enjoy.

There is no good woman who is still working like a horse at 2:30 in the morning in the field. Those women are failed women. I myself always feel frustrated because I work too much without much money.

People do MC, one day earns hundreds of millions. I’ve been tired for a whole month without getting that, how can I say a good and successful woman. I find myself struggling. I have many ambitions and struggle with my own ambitions.

I tried to cut back on the work, but didn’t give up. My ambition is to do what I love. Currently, I enjoy teaching. And because I love teaching, I sacrificed other jobs that give me a lot more money.

If I was really successful, I wouldn’t have to think about how I would pay for my children’s school next month. Sometimes I wonder why I have to save so much. Because right now, I’m still saving, still saving. Fortunately, my children are extremely understanding, money is something that should not be squandered.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy aged 46: Sometimes I wonder why I have to save so much - Photo 7.

At the age of 46, Hanh Thuy is content with what she has, even though life is still hard and is always in a situation where she has to save and save for next week and next month.

“Everything you’ve given me”

How do you teach your children that?

I tell my children how much money I have and what items I have to spend, what difficulties I have. I myself do not spend squanderingly, the children will get used to it.

Small children save money for lucky money, I told her when she didn’t have money, let her borrow it. It says: “I give it to you always, you don’t have to pay. I didn’t use anything, everything I gave you.”. When I returned the money to her, she was very guilty because she always wanted to help her mother.

When it wants to spend something, it also asks for my opinion. From time to time, the mother and daughter “date” so they agree that they will go to a beautiful restaurant, delicious food to eat and play for real. And it always asks, that shop is so beautiful, so luxurious, if mom has money, or should we go somewhere else. She is very worried about her mother. It’s not obvious, but it’s my success.

My oldest daughter is now 22 years old, a 3rd year student. Every day, she drives her own motorbike to go to school, eats lunch by herself, and fills her own gas, but only 850,000 VND a week. She packed enough and never asked for more because she knew her mother did not have much money.

Currently, my eldest daughter helps me take care of my grandmother, change diapers, and wash her. That is what I actively suggested to help my mother reduce her work. In addition, I translate stories to earn extra income. That is my success.

Meritorious Artist Hanh Thuy aged 46: Sometimes I wonder why I have to save so much - Photo 8.

Hanh Thuy asserts, her life in the present is … temporary.

I noticed that she has a lot of worries, a lot of burdens. So when does your day start and end?

If I don’t go to filming, it’s 5:45 am I wake up, cook, wake up my kids. When I send my children to school, I go to work. It’s 11 o’clock at night, if I just go to school, go to work normally, around 9 o’clock, I come home. Played with me for half an hour and then I went to bed.

So, on holidays, no one can ask me to leave the house. No matter how important it is, I am determined to stay at home. I do not like to play. So much so that, when the film crew went to drink, everyone automatically didn’t invite me. Sometimes I feel heartbroken, asking why no one invites me. I know that I won’t go, but being invited for an hour is also less sad.

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