The company was continuously fined and forced to destroy the poor quality veterinary drug products

On May 13, information from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tay Ninh province said that the unit had just discovered another store selling veterinary drug products of poor quality Joint Venture Company Ltd. A in circulation. on the market.

Specifically, during the inspection of the quality of animal feed and veterinary drugs in Tay Ninh City, the inspection team discovered Chau Toan facility (No. 238 Lac Long Quan Street, Quarter 3, Ward 4, Western City) Ninh) sells poor quality products.

This establishment has a violation of “Trading in special drug products Mycoplasma tepto with production date of November 24, 2020, expiry date to November 24, 2022 manufactured by Company A with drug content with high drug content.” bromhexine HCL is 90% less than the content on the label”.

With this violation, Chau Toan facility was administratively fined with the amount of 5.5 million dong, and forced to recall and recycle or destroy the drug.

Previously, also at Chau Toan facility, the authorities discovered a shipment of anti-diarrheal drugs – specifically for diarrhea with red, green, white, and gray stools; manufactured on December 2, 2019, with an expiration date of December 1, 2021 of Joint Venture Company Limited A, there is a violation on the content of neomycinsulfate 3,588mg/6,000mg (reaching 59.8%) compared to the registered, company father applies.

The functional agency has issued a decision to impose an administrative penalty of 15 million VND for trading in veterinary drugs that are fake in terms of use value and utility for Chau Toan facility. In addition to the fine, the authorities were forced to return the money for selling fake goods of VND 7,039,800 and forcibly destroy the batch of infringing goods.

In Go Dau district (Tay Ninh), the inspection team discovered that Huynh Kim Tuyet establishment (neighborhood1/22AB, inner suburbs of Go Dau town, Go Dau district) sold batches of medicinal products with the production date of July 6, 2020. The expiry date to July 6, 2022 of Joint Venture Company Limited A violated the colistin sulfate content 452841880 UI/4000000 UI, reaching 113.21% of the content stated on the label.

Huynh Kim Tuyet establishment was administratively sanctioned with an amount of 5.5 million VND for trading in veterinary drugs with a drug content 110% higher than the content stated on the label, and at the same time forced to recall and recycle. , or destroy.

Not long ago, at the factory of Joint Venture Company Ltd. A, the local authorities (Binh Duong) checked and discovered the anti-whistle-fattening product violated with the error of producing high-quality products. inconsistent with the applicable standard declaration. With this violation, Joint Venture Company A was sanctioned by the competent force of Binh Duong province.

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