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The girl who once weighed 105 kg became a food reviewer

Ho Chi Minh CityOnce weighing more than 100 kg, 23-year-old Le Phuong Oanh squeezed her stomach, fasted, took medicine and successfully halved her weight, becoming a food reviewer.

Returning home after a working day, Oanh worked hard to cut and edit videos to post on her food review channel. The topic of May 9 was about a snack shop for students in Ho Chi Minh City, “promising a lot of views”. All ideas and content are made by her. This is also Oanh’s main job today.

The 23-year-old girl comfortably eats and drinks, confidently wears a two-piece shirt showing off her slender shoulders, no one thinks that Oanh has ever had an oversized body and is afraid to interact in crowded places. “Many people do not know, praise me for eating a lot but not getting fat. However, more than anyone else, I am aware of nutritional balance and do not allow myself to gain weight again, as how I cherish my health. own,” said Oanh.

Photo Oanh at 16 years old (105 kg) and now 55 kg.  Photo: Character provided

Le Phuong Oanh at 16 years old (105 kg) and now 55 kg. Image: Characters provided

Since the third grade, Phuong Oanh has been obese at the third grade. In 10th grade, her weight was 105 kg. Feeling guilty about her appearance, she applied many weight loss methods, fasted, but then gave up. She took weight loss pills, but when she stopped taking them, she gained weight like before. Oanh said that at this time, the Ao Dai became an obsession, the early vibrations that had not yet budged were extinguished, and the craving for food was her “biggest mental torture” during high school.

“I used to like fashion, but I didn’t dare to try on clothes because my friends laughed at my appearance,” the girl said. After that, Oanh decided to look in the mirror every day to remind her “must be thin”. She started from jumping rope at home, then went to the gym to do cardio, weight training to burn fat. She went online to learn and apply the Eat Clean method – a diet that prioritizes clean food, does not go through many processing stages and keeps the natural nature of food.

However, since childhood, the body is fat, the fat accumulates a lot, so Oanh’s training is more difficult than everyone else. Instead of just weight training, she combines cycling, jogging, muscle training with high intensity, gradually increasing the difficulty. After 6 years of perseverance, Oanh reduced from 105 kg to 57 kg and maintained until now.

Tet in 2022, Oanh has a predestined relationship with food evaluation. At first, she was worried about gaining weight again because she couldn’t count calories or control her food like she did when eating Eat Clean. Not to mention, she often records at noon or afternoon, which is also when her body craves food the most. “When I’m hungry, whatever I eat is delicious, the review is not honest,” thought Oanh.

To overcome, she eats lightly or prioritizes eating green food first, then eating red to not be full quickly; eat fried foods, fried “for taste”, do not consume much. She also understands that “review is not eating all the food on the plate but eating to experience, to remember the most special point, to see what is different from other dishes”.

Not wanting to be thought of as “assessing food, so I’ll gain weight anyway”, Oanh combines many exercises such as gym, boxing, and cycling. She often cycled in the evening from one to one and a half hours, consuming 400-600 kcal. When he ate a lot, Oanh cycled longer distances. She often encourages herself that “the dish is not wrong, eat a lot, practice a lot”. On days when she doesn’t go to video, Oanh prioritizes foods from cereals, oats, fruit, yogurt to limit calories.

“Losing weight is not difficult, but it is a long and time consuming process. In addition, I always want my image to be the best, so I have to keep my weight at an acceptable level,” she said.

After losing weight, Oanh loves to wear ao dai.  She often takes photos with ao dai, saying this is her dream since high school.  Photo: Character provided

After losing weight, Oanh loves to wear ao dai because this is her high school dream. Image: Characters provided

The days of crisis because of weight are both a memorable memory and a motivation to help Oanh become more and more confident and “makeover”. She always tries to balance eating and exercising to not gain weight back.

Oanh confidently wears the clothes she likes, doesn’t force herself to “wear black to look skinny” or “wear loose clothes to cover belly fat”. Rapid weight loss also caused her skin to stretch, but when someone asked, Oanh proudly told about her achievements..

“If one day I get fat again, I will not silently lose weight anymore but openly share this journey. I believe that today’s success is not due to luck, but thanks to effort and I deserve it,” she said.

Oanh review food

Oanh introduces a snack shop in Ho Chi Minh City on her review channel. Video: Characters provided

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