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The latest developments in the case of the Mercedes driver chasing and killing people in Phan Thiet

According to Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper, on May 13, information from the Investigation Police Agency (PC02) of Binh Thuan Provincial Police, this agency is temporarily holding Criminal Pham Van Nam (43 years old, living in Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province), the driver of a Mercedes car died in the early morning of May 12 in Phan Thiet.

In addition, the investigating agency has also invited and summoned a number of related people to take testimony and continue to extract the camera. security at restaurants on Pham Van Dong and Phan Thiet streets to investigate and consolidate records for handling according to regulations.

PC02 also completed the Mercedes car search and made a record of making a decision to impound the vehicle for investigation. The MercedesBenz car used to commit the crime was manufactured in 2018, plate number 30F-168.65 registered as an investor in Dong Da district, Hanoi.

The latest developments in the case of the Mercedes driver chasing and killing people in Phan Thiet - 1

The driver was detained by the police. Photo: Thanh Nien

The source said that the initial autopsy results determined that the victim Ha Xuan Hai (43 years old, living in Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet city) died due to a punctured lung, lost a lot of blood… Currently, the investigating agency has discussed it. hand over the body to the victim’s family to take care of the aftermath.

Previously, according to Thanh Nien newspaper, at the police station, Nam said at about 1 a.m. on May 12, Nam drove a car to a pub on the embankment of Ca Ty River (Pham Van Dong Street, Phan Thiet City). . When he arrived, Nam’s car almost collided with a group of motorcyclists, including Ha Xuan Hai (43 years old) at the beginning of the road.

Because there was no collision, Nam continued to drive the car to another pub (about 200 meters away) along the embankment of Pham Van Dong street.

When Nam’s car just arrived at the shop, Ha Xuan Hai’s group of people on motorbikes arrived. The group of people on the Mercedes BS 30F – 168.65 car had just opened the door when the group of motorbikes rushed to use their hands and helmets to beat the male driver and everyone in the car. Since then, the incident has been recorded by a resident’s security camera.

The incident became more serious when the people in the car ran into the pub to take refuge but were still chased by the motorbike group. Hai’s group took both beer bottles, tables and chairs (from the pub) to chase the group in the car. After that, Nam was able to get into the car and drove the car to drive many times, then crashed into the motorbike, causing the group of motorbike riders to scatter. At this time, Hai was still holding a (metal) table standing in the middle of the road. When he saw the car rushing, Mr. Hai ran away but fell on the road and was speeded by the car driven by Nam, crashed straight, and ran over the victim. Mr. Hai was taken to the emergency room but died from his injuries.

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