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The man proposed to his girlfriend at the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games

May 13, 2022 16:17 GMT+7

Right at the moment the fireworks ended the show, Ngoc Tien knelt down in front of Bao Ly and proposed to her.

“I was very surprised when I received many congratulations from friends, relatives and even strangers on social networks. Until this morning (May 13), the echo of last night’s proposal was still clear.” Ngoc Tien (born in 1998, Hanoi) shares with Zing.

Tien said that the proposal to his girlfriend Bao Ly (born in 1999) was quickly decided by him, only on May 12. Accordingly, at noon, he was given a pair of tickets to watch the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games at My Dinh Stadium.

“At that time, I joked with some close friends: ‘If you propose to Ly in this ceremony, you will be very happy.’ This idea was approved and encouraged by everyone, even though we had discussed it before. planned the proposal under a different scenario. Everyone said it was a memorable and meaningful event.”

o le open mac SEA Games 31 brother 1
o le open mac SEA Games 31 brother 2

Ngoc Tien proposed to Bao Ly at the moment of brilliant fireworks. Photo: Poetry Poetry, NVCC.

In the afternoon of the same day, Tien went to buy a ring and luckily found a suitable model that fit his girlfriend’s hand. Because of heavy rain, he was worried, afraid that the plan would be affected, but fortunately the weather was more favorable in the evening.

Originally a talkative person, often speaking in front of a crowd, but all afternoon, the boy born in 1998 was nervous, unable to do anything but think about the evening’s events. He tried to speak naturally, hiding the ring box so that his girlfriend could not find out.

o le open mac SEA Games 31 brother 3

Memorable images of the couple were recorded by friends and many spectators.

Knowing that in the opening ceremony of the SEA Games there will be a performance of the theme song and welcome fireworks, Tien decided to ask at this time. During the ceremony, he and his close friend “team” moved a few times because there were some moments when fireworks appeared.

more than that of the 31st Sea Games 4

The couple has been dating for about 5 years now.

“Fortunately, I caught the most beautiful, brightest moment at the end of the show.”

Kneeling on one knee to the surprise of his girlfriend and many other people in the stands, Tien said: “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, I think you too, right? Bao Ly, I agree to be your wife will you?”. After an emotional moment, he received a nod from his other half.

Many volunteers and spectators around witnessing the memorable moment cheered and cheered the young couple.

Ngoc Tien and Bao Ly have been dating for 5 years. The two knew each other while studying at the Vietnam Youth Academy, Tien was the senior in the upper class and Ly was in the lower class. Currently, in addition to their own work, the two run the same fashion brand.

Together for a long time, the two have considered going back to the same house, but they have not agreed this year. So, when Tien proposed, Ly was very surprised.

“Right after exchanging the ring, I hugged her and said: ‘I called my mother and asked her permission, you can rest assured and become my wife’ to reassure her. Currently, we have not yet. determine a specific date for the wedding”, Ngoc Tien shared.

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