US reveals rules for sharing intelligence with Ukraine, avoiding confrontation with Russia

The Washington Post, citing unnamed US officials, said Washington had developed intelligence-sharing ‘rules’ for Ukraine to avoid being dragged into a military confrontation with Russia, while ensuring supply and security. give Kiev as much information as possible.

This information comes when there are many suggestions that the US is more involved in the conflict in Ukraine.

The United States is providing Ukraine with real-time intelligence on the location and movements of Russian forces, including satellite imagery and intelligence from other sources, the Washington Post reported. Other souces.

The US revealed rules for sharing intelligence with Ukraine, avoiding confrontation with Russia - 1

Intelligence from the US and its allies is helping Ukraine a lot on the battlefield. (Photo: AP)

On the Ukrainian side, they describe the information provided by the US side as very valuable, which is the basis for Ukrainian forces to know where the Russians are and how to hit them.

Last week, several Pentagon sources revealed that it was US intelligence that provided the location of the Russian cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea to Ukraine, which was attacked shortly after.

Immediately after the above information was released, US President Joe Biden personally asked both the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon to stop disclosing information to the media, and called this a dangerous action.

Speaking to the press about the information that the US was sharing intelligence with Ukraine, the President of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said that the US is directly involved in the conflict, although it always tries to appear to be on the sidelines.

According to the Washington Post, their sources have repeatedly said that the US has never crossed the line in violation of common rules. The officials said the White House had banned the sharing of two types of intelligence with Ukraine, one that “details information that could help Ukraine kill Russian leadership figures, such as military officers.” the highest level or ministers” but this list is selective, the other is “any information related to targets on Russian territory”.

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Ukraine knows almost every activity of Russian forces with the help of US intelligence.

This set of rules will essentially prevent the US from becoming a party to attacks that Ukraine could launch inside Russian territory.

Both rules appear to address recent Western media reports that US intelligence helped Ukraine sink the Moscow ship and kill several Russian generals.

A senior Pentagon official told the Washington Post that the US is “limiting its strategic leadership on paper”, but it is not “actively helping Ukraine hunt down Russian generals in any way”. any”. So, if a particular general is discovered at a location, the US won’t tell Ukraine this – but will share information about the location of command and control facilities where the top generals are located. Russian high tends to be present.

As the Pentagon official explained, if Ukraine subsequently chose to attack such a facility and kill a Russian general in the process, the United States would not technically be abetting the action. they stay out.

The same fallacy was made in the Pentagon’s official explanation for the US role in the alleged attack on the cruiser Moskva, when it said that US intelligence helped Ukraine identify the ship. As for whether Kiev will attack it or not, they are not left out.

According to Ukrainian media and the Pentagon, the Ukrainian military likely fired two Neptune anti-ship missiles at the Moskva ship. While the Russian side said that this cruiser was damaged in an ammunition depot explosion and then sank in the Black Sea.

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