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Vietnam Airlines introduces 4 preferential combos at Hanoi Tourism Festival

Bringing combos to mom, Con Dao beckons, Flying into the future, Sea Combo applies to many customers, opened for sale on VNAmazing in May.

On the occasion of Hanoi’s tourism festival, Vietnam Airlines opens to sell combos with promotions including flight tickets, hotels, and taxes. The target audience in this promotion program is diverse, from students to families. National Airlines also opened promotional combos at the 2D booth at the festival.

Businesses register booths here.

Vietnam Airlines opens sale of combos and tours on the occasion of Hanoi's tourism festival.  Photo: Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines opens sale of combos and tours on the occasion of Hanoi’s tourism festival. Image: Vietnam Airlines

“Bring a combo for mom” 20% off

In gratitude for Mother’s Day, VNAmazing launched a promotion program with 20% off code (up to 2 million VND) when customers enter the code “NAYCUAME”. In particular, orders with revenue over 20 million VND on May 8 will be given a giftcard worth 3.3 million VND when entering the code “GIFTCARD85”. Validity of discount code from May 6 to May 31.

Holding her mother’s hand and walking step by step when she was a child and now discovering the world as an adult is the message Vietnam Airlines wants to send to customers through this promotional combo.

“Con Dao beckons” from 4.3 million VND (for 3 days and 2 nights)

Visitors to Con Dao with Vietnam Airlines can freely choose the departure date and seat with 6 prices. Specifically, guests who fly in a cheap week will enjoy a preferential rate of 4.3 million VND with a combo of domestic round-trip airfare and 3 days 2 nights at the Saigon – Con Dao Resort hotel. Similar to the above benefits, when choosing a leisurely weekday flight package, you only buy at the price from VND 4,390,000/person; Golden hour package will be from 4,480,000 VND/person.

For the weekend flight package, customers have 3 options of low cost, leisure and golden hour, respectively, priced at 5,074,000 VND/person, 5,140,000 VND/person and 5,206,000 VND/person. This combo also includes domestic return airfare and 3 days 2 nights stay at Saigon – Con Dao Resort hotel.

Con Dao combo sale time beckons from 3/3 to 21/5, time to use from 3/3 to 31/5.

“Flying into the future” for 2 million VND a day

Pilot and flight attendant career experience tour applies to students aged 8 and up. Here, students have the opportunity to experience the training process and practical skills in the field of aviation. The activity is part of the program “Vietnam Airlines Day Camp” – Experience in practical aviation career training jointly organized by VNA and Vietfuture.

Among them, the most prominent are practical experiences such as role-playing becoming a pilot, a professional flight attendant, visiting the aircraft cabin, a simulator pilot’s cabin, handling flight safety situations, and learning about humidity. Experience in the air… The experiences are not only with real profession, but also with real people when the instructors are flight attendants or flight teachers working at the National Airlines.

Sea Combo priced from 4.4 million VND (for 3 days and 2 nights)

Customers who choose Vinpearl resort combo combined with Vietnam Airlines flight tickets will be selected to 1 of 3 destinations: Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, South Hoi An. Specifically, the combo includes round-trip flight tickets (12 kg of hand baggage and 23 kg of checked baggage) for each customer; 3 days 2 nights stay at Vinpearl; enjoy breakfast at a 5-star restaurant; Free airport shuttle.

The time to redeem the service for customers is until May 30 and before 15 days after the date of stay. The stay period is from Thursday to Monday, from May 25 to August 25.

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