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“Vietnam U23 is at a higher level than Myanmar U23”

On the eve of the key match of U23 Vietnam in the group stage of the 31st SEA Games against U23 Myanmar. Former famous player Nguyen Hong Son has made very objective comments about the winning chances of Park-Hang-seo’s teachers and students.

Former player Nguyen Hong Son:

Former player Nguyen Hong Son believes that U23 Vietnam will get good results against U23 Myanmar

Former player Nguyen Hong Son expressed: “In my opinion, before talking about U23 Vietnam, let’s evaluate a little bit about the opponent. Obviously U23 Myanmar is in a good spirit after 2 wins and 2 matches. Their performance has also improved a lot compared to what was shown in the previous SEA Games.

Watching Myanmar U23 play, I see that this team has renewed its game play. Instead of a defensive style of football as a fulcrum, in this year’s tournament they showed a completely different face.

The confidence in the ball, along with the ability to coordinate smoothly is what U23 Myanmar has brought many surprises to the opponents. The evidence that their 2 wins took place very attractively with a double attack.

As for U23 Vietnam, it will be very difficult if we meet a team that understands the strength and is ready to play defensively in the home field. The last match against U23 Philippines is a typical example.

We have not yet diversified the attack pieces to break the enemy’s defensive wall. If Myanmar they “know people who know us” and have a policy of earning 1 point in this match. Surely the army of Coach Park Hang-seo will have to solve a problem that is not easy.

Former player Nguyen Hong Son:

Tien Linh is not in good form at this year’s SEA Games (Photo VFF)

When asked about the performance of the main striker Nguyen Tien Linh, former player Nguyen Hong Son did not hesitate to express: “This year’s SEA Games, U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand are two teams that are evaluated. Also, the factors about people, gameplay, strengths and weaknesses will be carefully studied by opponents.

They will come up with solutions to neutralize and lock those spikes. Tien Linh, Hoang Duc or Hung Dung, even if we have Quang Hai, it is very difficult to make the most of their abilities.

When the teams below them cling and kick in the area, close to Tien Linh, this player’s chances of scoring will be even more difficult. If the satellite positions around Tien Linh do not effectively support him, or do not break through and be creative, it will be very difficult for him.

I think we can consider Tien Linh as a magnet to attract the opponent’s attention. Thereby creating space for attacking midfielders to have a lot of space to make a difference.

In conclusion, I believe that U23 Vietnam is at a higher level than the other teams, in terms of people, experience and home field advantage. The deciding factor is only the layout and selection of Mr. Park’s people in each match. I am completely confident we will get good results in the match against Myanmar U23.”

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