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Ways to help increase children’s IQ

Playing musical instruments, learning languages, reading books, practicing memory… are ways that can help children increase their intelligence.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, intelligence can be influenced by many genetic and environmental factors, including: genes, nutrition, education, parenting, family life.

Research shows that there are different ways to develop some of the most important skills related to intelligence. Here are some activities that can boost your child’s IQ by improving reasoning, planning, and problem-solving skills.

Memory training

Memory activities can help improve memory, reasoning, and language. In fact, memory games are used in studies to explore the relationship between memory and language and objects of knowledge.

Reasoning and language are both used as measures of intelligence, which means memory activities can develop IQ scores. Games related to memory training include: jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudoku, card games.

Learn executive control

Executive control is the ability to control complex cognitive activities. It is part of the executive function, which includes executive and regulatory management. Research shows that executive functioning is closely tied to flexible reasoning, an aspect of intelligence. Games related to executive control training include: scrabble game, pictionary game, red light green light, logic puzzle.

Play memory games to help children train their intelligence.  Photo: Freepik.

Play memory games to help children train their intelligence. Image: Freepik.

Hone your relationship skills

Relational framework theory deals with cognitive and linguistic development of people through relational associations. Research from 2011 shows that using relational framework theory as an intervention can significantly improve IQ scores in children.

A recent study using this intervention also showed improvements in IQ, verbal and numerical reasoning. Comparing objects and numbers is one of the activities that help increase intelligence in children.

Play musical instruments

Research shows that music stimulates the brain. It has the power to arouse emotions and also affect the psychological state of people. Researchers say that listening to music or playing an instrument increases memory, makes the brain smarter.

Learn a new language

One study investigated the relationship between early language learning and IQ. The results showed that learning a new language through conversation and interaction between 18 and 24 months was most beneficial for cognitive abilities in life.

Read often

One study found that when parents read to their children, children have better language and cognitive skills.


Education in any form is decisive for human intellectual development. In a review of IQ and education studies involving more than 600,000 volunteers, scientists found that for every additional year of formal schooling, participants increased their IQ by 1-5 points.

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